Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Dreaming & Writing - Colored Pencil

   Did You Ever Have A Dream And When You Woke Up You Remembered Everything About The Dream, And The Dream Was So Very Interesting That You Wanted To Write It Down And Maybe Even Write An Article About It. But You Were Just Too Sleepy So You Said To Yourself, "Self, I Definitely Want To Write Down What I Just Dreamed, But I'm Just Too Sleepy Right Now And I Can Tell That You Your "Self" Are As Well! So We'll Just Sleep For A Little More And Then When We Wake Up We'll Write All About That Delightful Dream That We Just Had!" So Then You Go Back To Sleep, But When You Wake Up The Only Thing That You Remember Is That You Had A Dream A Couple Of Hours Ago That You Wanted To Write Down But You've Forgotten What It Was All About?

What The Something To Think And/Or Dream About?!

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