Monday, November 30, 2015

Thinking, Cartooning & Writing: All Over The Place #1

Here's hoping that you will all enjoy this first edition of:
Thinking, Cartooning & Writing: All Over The Place
What The That's What It Is All Right!

Drawing A Painting? Masktisse & Les Hart Video

This one was featured in the Masktisse Drawing A Painting? video on YouTube:
What The How Did You Get A Hold Of It?!
* * *

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanks For Nothing - The Bengal Brothers Comics

One day Rif and Raf go to The Nothing For Sale store:
What The Plenty Of Nothing For Sale And Then Some!
* * * * *
More Nothing Coming Soon! ~ Ye Editor

It Is...Nothing! - VanCasso The Artist Comics

Mr. VanCasso has finally finished....Nothing! 
What The Something Is Better Than Nothing
Except For Those Times When 
Nothing Is Better Than Something!
* * * * *
Nothing! by Mr. VanCasso is really something....we think? ~ Ye Critic

Sorry Little Heathen! - The TigerCat Kid SketchToon

A little something we did last night.....
...When we got back we were just too tired to work on this idea...
# # #
What The Maybe In Another Night Or Two!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Sunday, November 22, 2015

A Collage Of Critters - PhotoArt

This is our second attempt at thee...Collage:
What The Photo Art!

What The Collage! - 5 Aspiring Art Pieces

This is our first try at thee - how you say? - Collage:
What The Hmmmm....!
* * * * *
All of these have appeared as single posts in the past few Months.
We guess you'll just have to search for them. ~ Ye Editor

Saturday, November 21, 2015

The End Is Near? - Yes! No! Maybe So! Comics

One evening 3 "prophets" meet up and... 
What The People Have Been Saying That The End Is Near
Since People Have Been Saying That The End Is Near!
* * * * *
If the end should come before we have a chance to post
something else on The What The Art! Blog - I guess
that means that we will not be able to post anything else?
Or does it? MuuhhhhhhHaaaaHaaaaaHaaaaa......uh....Yeh....~ Ye Editor

Lady Noirella In Watercolor World - Mixed Media

On a most unusual and colorful day Lady Noirella
finds herself in a World of Watercolor:
What The What Will Lady Noirella Do Now?!
* * * * *
The answer may or may not leave you with many
a restless and sleepless night.
We will meditate on if we should reveal the answer! ~ Ye Editor

Man Of Noir In The Midst Of Watercolor

One day a Man Of Noir found himself in The Midst Of Watercolor
And he thought to himself, "This is a most colorful situation."
* * * * *
What The How Did He Know That It Was Called Color?!
* * *
The answer might keep you up with many a sleepless night.
We will have to not sleep on it as to whether we should
reveal said answer or no! ~ Ye Editor

Mountains Of Noir - Watercolor

There were once some mountains of noir
and all that dared to journey into them were surprisingly....
What The What? What?!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Laughter Is Good Medicine! - Laughing Out Crowd Comics

Laughter Is Good Medicine!
What The Laughter Is The Jest Medicine! 
* * * * *
Is that Mirth Vader in there? Oh for laughing out crowd! ~ Ye Editor
* * * * *
What The Jest-I-Knight!

Four Fun Females - Color Pen Sketches

Four Fun Females?
What The Well It Looks Like They're Having Fun!

Pencil Profiles - Pencil

Here we have 4 Pencil Profiles done with a....pencil:
What The Are You Sure About That?!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Some Crayon Pusher - Adult & Kids Comics

One afternoon an adult and some kids are at The Arttraction Museum:
What The Way To Go Guy!
* * * * *
What The Colored Wax!

Life Is Good - Coyote & Rabbit Comics

"Life Is Good"
What The Then Again!

Adele Pencil Sketches X2

We were looking at a video of Adele in the near past and....
.....and this one too......

What The Kinda, Sorta!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

You Hang Up - Off The Line Comics

After speaking to each other for more than a little while, a couple...
...well take a listen
What The Hang Up!

The Scientist That Captured God: Part 1

One evening a well respected scientist poses
a startling question to one of his colleagues:
To Be Continued...

Monday, November 9, 2015

It's A Prank! The Year 5050 - What The Future! Comics

In the Year 5050 there are still a few pranksters here and there.
This is an example of what happened to one of them when
he attempted to prank a WarBot 5000.
The "Prank" was telling the WarBot 5000
'How Would You Like A Good Blast?'
Good Blast is a soft drink in the Year 5050:
What The Prank Gone Wrong And Then Some!

It's A Prank! - The Color Pen Sketchtoon Ideas

Here are some Sketchtoon ideas that we did
in trying to come up with It's A Prank: The Year 5050
What The So That's How You Did It!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Tom Petty & Johnny Cash - The TigerCat Kid Comics

One day while at the Comic Book Artcade:
What The Rocking & Countrying All Night Long!
* * * * *
What The Or Is It The Comic Book Arcade?!

Honey, I Cartooned The Kids! - Oh No You Didn't Comics

Just a day in the life of a Mother and Wife:
What The How Could You?!
* * * * *
Some of the other *responses that 'honey' could have given:
*You Son Of A Botch!
(Hubby: Are You Uh Angry With Me?)
* Oh No You Didn't!
(Hubby: Uh...But I Did....Heh Heh......Yeh....)
*Why Didn't I Listen To My Mother?
(Uhh  What Did She Have To Say.....Babe?)
*This Is The Last Straw!
(Hubby: It Could Have Been Worse!)
*How Could It Have Been Worse?
(Hubby: Uhh Well....Can I Answer That Later...?)
(Hubby: Good! Let It Out! Don't You Feel Better Now?)
(Hubby: Uhh  I'll Go And Come Up With That Answer)

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Smart Boys Vs. Tough Guys - W.I.M.P. Comics

One afternoon a group of tough guys chase a group of boys.
The boys seemingly disappear near some mountains.
The tough guys start to look for them....and find them!
And How!!!!
Tough Guys: Yeeeeee-Owwwww!!!!!!
Wally * Irving * Myron * Percival Smart: Ha Ha
* * * * *
What The Now That Smarts! 

We Don't Like It! - The Bengal Brothers Comics

If You Don't Like It....
What The Take It Back!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Giants Beyond The Clouds? - Flying Fowls Comics

Giants Beyond The Clouds?
Seagull 1: Do You Think That There Are Really Giants Beyond The Clouds?
Seagull 2: Nah! That's Just A Story For The Young Ones.
It's To Keep Them From Going Too Far From Home!
Seagull 1: Young Ones Are So Gullible! Ha Ha
Seagull 2: Yeah! Sea Gullibles! Ha Ha
* * * *
What The Golly Gee Wowikers!
* * *
Oh My Giant! 

Night Of The Noir Carnivore - Mixed Media

The Noir Carnivore Is A Coming...
What The Better Wolf Down Your  Chicken Nachos
With Fresh Avocado - Before He Does!

Cartooning For Ideas - 4 Panels Comics

4 Count Them 4 Panels
What The I Had No Idea That I Had An Idea!

Lots Of Ladies - Sepia Pencil

Lots Of Ladies:
What The If They Were All Laughing Would That
Be A Clear Cut Example Of Laugh Out Crowd?!
Coming Soon....... ? ~ Ye Editor