Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Merry Go Round - Photo Art

"If Life Were Always Happy, It Wouldn't Be Sad!"
What The You Got That Right!

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Elder Abuse At Pico Rivera Healthcare Center, In Our Opinion

   On Tuesday, April 18, 2017, I Went To Visit My Mother In Her Room At The Pico Rivera Healthcare Center. When I Got To Her Room At 2:16pm I Noticed The Bruises As Shown In The Above Photographs. 
   There Was An PRHC Employee By The Next Bed. I Asked Her When Did This Happen, Pointing To The Bruises On My Mother's Arm. She Said That She Didn't Even Know That They Were There.
   I Then Asked Her Who's My Mother's Nurse Today? She Said That She Was And That Last Time That She Moved Her Was At 12:30 For Lunch. She Also Said That Another CNA Had Helped Her And Mentioned Her Name. 
   My Sister Had Already Told An Office Worker Here That We Did Not Want That CNA Taking Care Of Our Mother, Last Year. This CNA Had Put A T-Shirt On Our Mother Ridiculing Her. Calling Her A Wise A**. She Had Put This Shirt On Our Mother That First Time, The Next Day Our Mother Had On One Of Her Own Shirts (Maybe She Had A Different CNA?) The Third Day Our Mother Had On The Insulting Shirt Again. 
   I Asked At The Nurses Station Who Was The CNA Today And They Said Her Name. Yes, It Was The Same CNA That Had Put The Insulting Shirt On Our Mother The First Time.  
  My Sister Spoke To The CNA And An Office Worker This Second Time That The CNA Put The Shirt Making Fun Of Mom. My Sister Asked The CNA If Her Mother Was In A Place Like This Would She Like Someone To Put A Shirt Like That On Her? The CNA Told Her "No!"
   Perhaps We'll Write More On This In The Near Future. But This Is About The Bruises On Our Mother's Arm.
   A Nurse (N1) Said That The Nurse (N2) Had Reported It Last Night, The Bruises, By The Way, They, Nurses, Refer To Bruises As "Discoloration."
   I Was There Last Night And She Didn't Have Those Bruises I Informed N1. She Said  We Just Have To Wait For N2.
   2:39pm N2 Arrived And She Tells Me Remember You Told Me About It, I Said Just About The Mark On Her Leg And The Bed Sore. Not Her Arm. So She Looks At Her Arm And She Says That She Didn't Report About The Arm.
   4:08pm An Office Worker Comes In The Room And I Show Her The Bruises On My Mom's Arm, She Says She'll See If They Called The Doctor.      (To Be Continued)
   They Called Him Days Later And He Didn't Show Up Like He Said He Would. More On This Soon. 
   I Reported This, Bruises On Her Arm, To The Department Of Heath Care Services And The Person Took Almost 2 Weeks To Come And Investigate It. Of Course The Bruises Are Just About Gone By Then. 
   When I Spoke To The Person From DOH On The Phone, Several Days After Their "Investigation," They Said That The Person At The PRHC Told Them That My Mom's Arm Was Red And That It Wasn't Bruised. 
   I Told The DOH Person That Her Arm Was Bruised And Could My Sister Send A Picture? They Told Me That This Is A Landline And The Picture Can't Be Sent. So I Said Is There Anyway To Send Them The Picture? They Said That They Didn't Want The Picture! 
   The DOH Person Said That They Would Send A Copy Of Their Report In Two Weeks, No Details Just The Results, They Never Did  Send Us Their "Report."

Arm Update: 
   A Little Over Two Weeks Later The Same Arm That Was Bruised Was Now Contracted, Stiff, And Her Hand Was Lifeless. Her Arm, When Even Slightly Moved Would Hurt Her Very Much. She Did Get Transferred To The Hospital For This Injury. Two Or Three Employees Asked If She Had Fallen? I Said I Didn't Know And That She's At A Nursing Center And They Don't Say Anything To Me About How This Happened.
   One Hospital Employee That I Showed The Picture To, Said That It's Definitely Bruised. 

Some Thoughts:
   In Our Opinion, If You Are Able To Never Send Your Loved One To A Nursing Center. If You Can And You Have People To Help You, Etc. Take Care Of Them Yourself. Yes, I Know That It's Hard To Do. Especially When You're By Yourself.
In Our Opinion: When This Kind Of Incident Happens The Family Should Be Allowed To Interview The Employees And Record It. The Centers Just Have Too Much On Their Side. Including The People Who Are Supposed To Be On The Patients Side, But, In Our Opinion, Are Not.

In Our Opinion: The Family Should Be Allowed To Video Record Meetings. Especially When They Are About Their Loved One Being Bruised And/Or Injured. Including Verbal Abuse.   

In Our Opinion: There Needs To Be Real Accountability At Places Like The Pico Rivera Health Center. None Of This Nonsense Of Just Going Along With Whatever They Say. Especially When It Just Doesn't Add Up With The Facts. So That Other Patients Won't Get Abused And Then The Person Or Persons Doing This Terrible Thing Will Not Get Away With It.

   Well That's All For Now. Thank You For Your Time.
Tony Montano

She Can't Stand Or Walk. They Had To Use A Hoyer Lift To Move Her From The Bed To The Chair And From The Chair To The Bed. So They Couldn't Say That She Did It To Herself. Standing, Falling, Etc. This In Our Opinion Is Why The PRHC Person Told The So-Called Investigator That She Wasn't Bruised.

Friday, September 22, 2017

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