Friday, December 26, 2014

The Night After Christmas - Photo Art

Here are three - count them, three photographs ..
...that we took a few Years ago.

Just a few folks chilling....

...and then some!
* * * * * *
What The Check Out The Shades On Santa!

The Palm Trees Have Shadows - Photo Art

Yes, even the palm trees....

* * * * * * *
What The That Does It!

A Giant Cup Of Joy? - Photo Art

How can such a giant cup....
...have only a little joy?
* * * * *
What The Head Scratcher!

Hotdog, We're Back! - Photo Art

Due to difficulties beyond our control...
...we didn't have access to the ol' internet for a few days and then some!
* * * * *
What The Difficulties Happen!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Bad Fast Fowl Dodging Raindrops

Amazing and then some!
That Bad Fast Fowl is actually dodging each and every raindrop!
What The Believe Us When We Say
That This Is Most Certainly Not Trick Photography!

After The Storm The Seagull Soars

Soar Seagull Soar
Soar Before It Starts To Pour Even More
Soar Seagull Soar
Soar Until Your Wings Are Sore
Soar Seagull Soar!
What The Soar/Sore In More Ways Than One! 

The Best Way To Get Sleep?

Dear To Whom It May Concern,
What is the best way to get sleep?
Gone With The Yawn
Dear Gone With The Yawn,
The best way to get sleep is..... with your eyes closed!
We hope this helps and then some!
Good night for now everybody!
In Our Humble Opinion

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Why Do People Like Comic Books? - What The Art! Comics

Mr. VanCasso putting forth a most interesting query, no?
What The My Wordical!

Blog Billboard, Birds & Rumor Alert?

Here's a photograph that we took of a What The Art! Billboard:
What The Would You Believe It's A Colored Pencil & Wax Pastel Creation?!
* * * * * *
Rumor Alert: Those birds don't get angry, they get even! (?)

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Snowman & The Rabbit - The Bengal Brothers Comics

One evening while Rif and Raf are watching a holiday TV program:
What The What Kind Of Holiday Program Is That?!
What The Eye Of The Rabbit!

"Crayon Paintings" - VanCasso The Artist Comics

The two "paintings" were done with crayons:
What The No, Really, They Were!
What The Colored Wax!

Two Rabbits - Photographic Art

One Rabbit deserves another:
What The What's Going On Hare?!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

3 Pages Of Water Soluble Wax Pastels

The following is page 1:
Here we have page...2:

And here we have the page called 3:

What The 1, 2, 3, What Do You See?!

Man & Woman Sharing Chicken Nachos - 4 Color Pen Comics

Some 4 color pen cartooning-sketches:
What The Hubba Hubba!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

The ManTiger in Predator In The Night #1

Ladies & Gentlemen! Boys & Girls! Please allow us to introduce to you
The newest member of the What The Art! Universe!
The one! The only! As fierce as they come! And then some!
The ManTiger!
Well it looks like something is up and/or it's going down!
* * * * * * *
What The To Be Continued!

Drawing Faces - Sketch Pencil

A couple of pages of some recent drawings:
Some of these drawings look like they might have something
to do with The ManTiger!?!? Hmmm...... 

What The That's All - Pencil - Folks!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Couple Of Waterfalls - Oil Painting

My guests, welcome to fantasy falls:
What The There's Oil In Them There Falls!

Her Colorful Dream - Oil Painting

We just got a six pack of Oil Paints and voila:
What The There It Is!

Crows In The Rain - Mixed Media X2

Rain falls from yonder sky, Making wet what once was dry!
So goodbye to the sun, And then some!

Rain falls from yonder sky!
* * * * * * *
What The There They Crow Again!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Jumping The Shark - The Bengal Brothers Comics

One fine afternoon Sharky Van Sharks
comes out of the ocean at a most inopportune time:
What The What Goes Up Must Come Down!

A Colorful Thought - VanCasso The Artist Comics

One day while in his studio, Mr. VanCasso has a colorful thought:
What The So What Else Is New?!

BodyBuilder & Animal Print Background - Mixed Media

Here's one that we did ....ahem... Years ago:
What The Art! Before there was What The Art!
^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
What The If You Will!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Blue Tear On Red Cheek - Mixed Media

We called this one Blue Tear On Red Cheek
because ....well....we kind of ....uh...forgot....
No please don't cry anymore. We were just kidding
about forgetting and all. Really we were!
Wait, please don't cry! We'll post some more
material to The What The Art! Blog!
It just takes a little time. That'a all! Really!
* * * * *
What The Saline Fluid!

Dear Santa & Cartooning, Etc! - 4 Color Ink Pen

Sketching around and then some:
What The Dear Santa & Reindeer Nachos?!

Corn Dogs, Fries & A Ferris Wheel - Photographic Picture

Why did the kid throw the butter out of the window?
He wanted to see the butterfries!
Ahhh Ha Ha Ha.....Uh.....Hoo Boy!
Uh....moving on to something else.....Ye Editor!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Manga MarkerPieces & More X2

One day in the world of Manga:
And yet another happening in the world of Manga:

What The That's All The Manga There Is - For Now!

Night Of The Manga Night Fowls - MarkerPiece +

This one is self explanatory....
....we hope!
* * * * *
What The Night, Night!

Wolfy Dog Howling At The Moon - Mixed Media

One fine and full evening after some turkey and mashed potatoes:
What The Don't Forget The Buttered Biscuits!
What The And Don't Forget The Pumpkin Pie!

Sketching Around For Ideas & Fun - Ink Pens

Some sketch/drawings of people and places and things:
And now onwards towards page two:

What The That's All For Now Folks!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Holy Smokes, Who's She? - The Bengal Brothers Comics

Where there's  smoke....
...there just might be a mysterious mystery woman!
* * * * * *
What The Who Is That Masked Woman?!

Man & Woman In Coats - Mixed Media

Or should we call this one, Mr. & Mrs. Mixed Media?
What The Perhaps We Should Just Stick With The First Title?!

Portraits By VanCasso

A classic sketching moment:
What The One Can Hope, Can't One?!

Major Fry's Chicken: Artvertisement

A little something that we did after eating some ....chicken:
What The And Mashed Potatoes & Cole Slaw Too!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

50 Grey Poupon Chili Dogs - The Bengal Brothers Comics

One day just before Rif and Raf have Lunch:
What The 50 Shades Of Grey Poupon Chili Dogs!
* * * * * *
Eatistentialism, Fullosophy, For Yum Information?
My Word! Uhh......My Words?!!!! -Ye Editor

The 3 Ah Mangos - Ah Mixed Ah Media

Whereever the man goes....
...there goes the mangos!
* * * * *
What The Say That Three Times Fast!
What The OK, Now What?!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Picture Of Death? - The Bengal Brothers Comics

Twas not the night before Christmas:
What The Sight Of Fright In The Night!

OMG! Oh My Glamour!

The Glamour Of Fashion...
...and/or The Fashion of Glamour!
* * * * *
What The Cash In On Fashion!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Looking Out A Colorful Window - Mixed Media

Where do they get these titles?
You tell us and we'll both know!
* * * * *
What The Ehh?!

Paintings On The Walls - 4 Color Pen Sketches

We were just sketching....drawing...
...and cartooning around with our 4 color pen!