Saturday, May 20, 2017

Cow Tools & A Mystery Cartoonist, Do You Know What The Tools Are For?

We We're Reading About A Cartoonist And  
A Cartoon Of His About "Cow Tools!"
Can You Tells Us What The "Cow Tools" 
Are Used For And/Or Their Names?
In A Couple Of Weeks Or So
We'll Tell You The Name Of The Cartoonist, Etc.
If You Already Know, Please Keep It A Secret!
Thank You!
What The Cow Toons!
What The Nothing To It, But To Moo It!
What The Got....Ahem....Milk?!

The Painting & The Lonely Room - Photo Art

What The ....Yup!

Two Talking Tigers - Photo Art Funnies

1 I'm The Best Tiger In The World!
2 Well So Am I!
1 Haaa
2 Haaa
1 & 2 Haaaaaa
What The Two Wild!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Star Flower Outside Of The Building: The Movie

Move Over Guardians Of The Galaxy!
It Just Got Fragrant!
What The Rated R For Really?!
:-----)  (

The Chicken & The Duck - Photo Art Funnies

"How Should I Know Why The Chicken Crossed The Road!
I Didn't See Any Chicken When I Crossed The Road!"
What The Quack Up!

Life's Not Easy & Walker Texas Ranger - Man On The Street Comics

What The Taking It To The Streets!

The Lord Of The Fowls - Short & Sweet Comics

And The Lord Of The Fowls Sent Out His Faithful Fowls
To Gather Up Those That Do Bad!
And The Good People Of The Land Lived Happily Ever After!
What The Fine Feathered Friends!