Monday, February 27, 2017

She Leopard - Markerpiece

What The Heroine!

The Society Of Dudes - Dude! Comics

What The Nothing To It, But To Dude It!
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Clouded Cloudy Sky - Photographic Proof

What The Heavens To Betsy!

Sometimes You Have To Stop And Smell The..Lake? - Photo Art

What The Fowl Photography!
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Painting By The Window - Markerpiece

What The Do You See What We See?!

Lady Rainbow - Markerpiece

What The Tresses!

Police Commissioner Smackdowns Jackass Doctor - Aspiring Writing & Cartooning Notebook

                 What The Look Out Now!

Monday, February 20, 2017

President's Day Date - Markerpiece

What The Going Out!

Rise Of The Silver Seal - Colored Pencil

What The That's Just Super!!
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Silver Tresses - Colored Pencil

What The Hair Ye! Hair Ye!

Jailbird Crow? - Photo Art Funnies

"This Is A Gross Miscarriage Of Justice!
When You Got Up And Left Your Table,
I Thought You Were Abandoning All Of That
Tasty Food! How Was I To Know That You
Were Going For A "Drink Refill!"
Refill? Who Ever Heard Of Such A Thing? Waaaak!!!"
What The The Life Of A Crow!
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