Sunday, November 30, 2014

Blue Tear On Red Cheek - Mixed Media

We called this one Blue Tear On Red Cheek
because ....well....we kind of ....uh...forgot....
No please don't cry anymore. We were just kidding
about forgetting and all. Really we were!
Wait, please don't cry! We'll post some more
material to The What The Art! Blog!
It just takes a little time. That'a all! Really!
* * * * *
What The Saline Fluid!

Dear Santa & Cartooning, Etc! - 4 Color Ink Pen

Sketching around and then some:
What The Dear Santa & Reindeer Nachos?!

Corn Dogs, Fries & A Ferris Wheel - Photographic Picture

Why did the kid throw the butter out of the window?
He wanted to see the butterfries!
Ahhh Ha Ha Ha.....Uh.....Hoo Boy!
Uh....moving on to something else.....Ye Editor!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Manga MarkerPieces & More X2

One day in the world of Manga:
And yet another happening in the world of Manga:

What The That's All The Manga There Is - For Now!

Night Of The Manga Night Fowls - MarkerPiece +

This one is self explanatory....
....we hope!
* * * * *
What The Night, Night!

Wolfy Dog Howling At The Moon - Mixed Media

One fine and full evening after some turkey and mashed potatoes:
What The Don't Forget The Buttered Biscuits!
What The And Don't Forget The Pumpkin Pie!

Sketching Around For Ideas & Fun - Ink Pens

Some sketch/drawings of people and places and things:
And now onwards towards page two:

What The That's All For Now Folks!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Holy Smokes, Who's She? - The Bengal Brothers Comics

Where there's  smoke....
...there just might be a mysterious mystery woman!
* * * * * *
What The Who Is That Masked Woman?!

Man & Woman In Coats - Mixed Media

Or should we call this one, Mr. & Mrs. Mixed Media?
What The Perhaps We Should Just Stick With The First Title?!

Portraits By VanCasso

A classic sketching moment:
What The One Can Hope, Can't One?!

Major Fry's Chicken: Artvertisement

A little something that we did after eating some ....chicken:
What The And Mashed Potatoes & Cole Slaw Too!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

50 Grey Poupon Chili Dogs - The Bengal Brothers Comics

One day just before Rif and Raf have Lunch:
What The 50 Shades Of Grey Poupon Chili Dogs!
* * * * * *
Eatistentialism, Fullosophy, For Yum Information?
My Word! Uhh......My Words?!!!! -Ye Editor

The 3 Ah Mangos - Ah Mixed Ah Media

Whereever the man goes....
...there goes the mangos!
* * * * *
What The Say That Three Times Fast!
What The OK, Now What?!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Picture Of Death? - The Bengal Brothers Comics

Twas not the night before Christmas:
What The Sight Of Fright In The Night!

OMG! Oh My Glamour!

The Glamour Of Fashion...
...and/or The Fashion of Glamour!
* * * * *
What The Cash In On Fashion!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Graphic Novelist Frank Miller's Favorite Song? - WTA Comics

Welcome to the show where we ask the question:
What is Frank Miller's favorite song?
What The Well There You Have It Or Do You?!
What The One Of These Or None Of These!

Face It Folks - This One Has It All...

Face It Folks - This One Has It All...
...If That's All There Is! That Is!
* * * * * * *
What The Trying Out Some New Watercolor Pencils!

A Couple Of Sketch Pad Offerings

OK this is getting......

....kinda....sorta......something or other!
* * * * *
What The And How!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hamburgers & Hot Dogs - The Bengal Brothers Comics

One hungry afternoon Rif and Raf visit a fast food establishment:
What The The Hunger Games Were Never Like This!
What The Hungry Games!

Buildings, Faces & Hands - Thee Mighty Pen

Various sketch-drawings that we did with our ink pen:
What The Thee Mighty Pen Strikes Again!
What The Again With The Pen!

A Moon Lit Watercolor Night

Keeping the new brushes busy:
We got the idea for this one from
a 4 color pen sketch that we did a week or two ago!
* * * * *
What The Well We Didn't Get The Idea From A Sword Sketch!
* * * * *
What The Is This What They Mean By The Pen Being Mightier Than The Sword?!

Watercolor Women - Watercolour X2

Women of Watercolor:
We recently bought some paint brushes.... we thought we would try out a few of them
and bingo bango the above two appeared!
* * * * * *
What The What In The Watercolor World Happened?!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Oh My Gouache! It's Mixed Media!

Oh My Gouache! It's Mixed Media!?
What The How Do You Like That, It Is Mixed Media?!
What The 11X14 Canvas Board!

Oh My Gouache! It's Acrylic!

Oh My Gouache! It's Acrylic!?
What The It Really Is Acrylic!
What The Is That Some Kind Of Posey Or What?!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Man & Woman - Mixed Media

We were forced to do this one...
OK, OK, we were inspired to do this one after we had seen
Man and Woman Kissing by Edvard Munch: 
What The Just Kidding About Being Forced!
* * * * *
Perhaps our next aspiring art piece will be
Man & Woman Kidding?
What The Hmmm... 

The Lady & The Tiger + Bonus - Black Ink Pen

We did both of these Monday morning just after we had 'awoken'
And now for a bonus Pen drawsketch:

What The Tiger's His Name Ask Him Again And He'll Tell You The Same!
* * * * *
What The Isn't That The Same ...Uh....Nice Tiger?!