Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Waving At The Sunset - Acrylic Painting

Waving At The Sunset 
What The Kinda, Sorta!
* * *
Inspiration: Tropical Sunset By Emil Nolde

Faces In The Crowd - Acrylic Painting

Faces In The Crowd
What The If You Say So!
:----<  >

It's Really A Work Of Art - Cartoonzo The Clown Comics

One Evening Cartoonzo Is Being Honored With A Statue:
What The That's No Selfie!

The Raccoon And The Squirrel - Colored Pencil

One Day Two Pals Got Together And Had A Cool Time! Finis!
What The Very Short Story!

Kung Fu Fight At Night - Colored Pencil

Two People Were Kung Fu Fighting....
What The Martial Arts!

Cow In The Water - Colored Pencils

One Day A Cow Was In The Water..
What The That's No Bull!

Jack On A Box - Mini Sketchbook Comics

One Day In A Certain Place...
What The No Pain - No Gain?!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Bad Blue Moon Rising - Mixed Media

Bad Blue Moon Rising
What The There's A Bad Blue Moon On The Rise!

Race Horse At Abstract Park - Watercolor

Race Horse At Abstract Park
What The You Can Lead A Race Horse To Water,
But You Can't Make Him Drink It Very Fast!

Look! A Monster! - The Bengal Brothers Comics

One Evening Rif And Raf Behold An Extraordinary Sight... 
What The Stupefy Is, As Stupefy Does!
:------{  }

Tiger By The Water - Colored Pencils

But You Can't Make Him Drink It!
What The What Am I, A Horse?!

The Cat & The Coffee - Mixed Media

"If Only They Would Stop Eye-Balling Me
I Could...Uhh...Taste It For My...Uhhh...Master! Heh Heh!"
What The How Thoughtful!

Are You The Thinker? - Mini Sketchbook

Are You The Thinker?
What The I'm Thinking, I'm Thinking!

Family At The City River - Pen Sketch

Family At The City River
What The Mini Sketchbook!

Monday, September 26, 2016

View From The Cave 1 - Watercolor

View From The Cave
What The Seeing Is Believing!

Surfing While Surfing The Web - Too Much! Comics

He's A Pro On The Go! So Enjoy The Show!
What The Don't Try This At Home!

Abstract Traffic & Trees - Colored Pencils

Artomobiles Moving To And Fro
What The Don't Forget Your Signal Lights!

Harzan: Kidder Of The Jungle - Harzan Comics

Harzan Chucking A Chuckle Spear...
What The Welcome To The Jovial Jungle!

Sleeping: Red Candle In The Room - Pencils

Sleeping: Red Candle In The Room
What The But What About The Kitty Cat?!

Man Covering Eye - Pencil Sketch

Man Covering Eye
What The Eye Eye Eye!

Male Faces - Pencil Sketch

Male Faces
What The Face It!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Lone Wolf Howling At The Moon - Mixed Media

Lone Wolf Howling At The Moon 
What The Ah-Wwwwwwoooooooooo!
:----(   )

Paint Something Or Nothing? - Artistotle Comics

"It's Better To Paint Something, Than To Paint Nothing!" ~ Artistotle
What The Say Again!

Duck Landing In The Stream - Mixed Media

Duck Landing In The Stream 
What The You Were Expecting, Daffy Duck?!

Lovers Embracing For A Kiss - Mixed Media

Lovers Embracing For A Kiss
What The Viva La Romance!

Sketching & Cartooning Ideas - Notebook Page

Sketching & Cartooning Ideas - Notebook Page 
What The Who, What, Where?!

Red Lips X 12 - Mini Sketchbook

Red Lips X 12
What The The Delightful Dozen?!

Surfing With The Seagulls - Mini Sketchbook

Surfing With The Seagulls
What The Whoa, Dude!

Double Thumbs Up! - Photo Art

Double Thumbs Up! 
What The Ayyyyyyyyyy!

Having A Ball Horsing Around: Unfinished Aspiring Art

Having A Ball Horsing Around: Unfinished Aspiring Art
What The No Horsing Around?!