Thursday, August 31, 2017

At The Art Store - Oil Pastel

What The Any Good Sales?!
:------] ]

Sunshine Between The Clouds - Oil Pastel

What The Apparently!

Marvel Annual, The Impossible Man - Comic Book Review

"I Found The Marvel Annual The Impossible Man 
Summer Vacation Spectacular, Impossible To Put Down!
~Tiger Bailey
What The Impossible, Indeed!
:------]  ]

A Concise History Of Modern Painting Book Review, Part 1

What The To Be Continued!

The Fish & The Sailboat - Colored Pens

What The Would You Lookie There?!

A View Of The Ocean - Colored Pens

What The Nothing To It, But To View It!
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Shades Of Red - Colored Pens

What The Just Drawing Around!

Is That Right? - Cartooning Around Comics

What The It Is What It Is!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Total Eclipse Of The Heart, Bonnie Tyler Cover

Crows In A Tree - Brush Marker

What The Markerpiece!

Shadow Of The Train - Mixed Media

What The Choo, Choo!

Photographer Setting Up His Camera - Colored Pens

What The Smile When You Click That!

Man Going To The Art Shoppe - Black Ink Pen

What The Art Supplies!
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Paul Hogarth

Star Stuck In A Tree - Photographic Proof

What The Good Heavens!
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Something Colorful - Oil Pastel

What The It Would Seem That Way!

What The Food Are You Doing? - Kitchen Bad Dreams Comics

What The Appetite?!
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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Creative & Art? - Photo Art

The More You Try To Be Creative, The More You Are!
Or Is It.....The More You Art?
What The Huh?!

Oil Pastels In The Year 3000 - Photo Art

In The Year 3000, You Will Be Able To Put Your
Oil Pastels Back In The Box
And Within A Few Hours, They Will Be Like New Again!
What The Oh Wow?!
:-----(   )

Peculiar Rain On A Colorful Day - Oil Pastel

What The ...Like...Really?!

Taco On The Table - Oil Pastel

What The Are You Gonna Finish That?!
:------)   )

Mysterious Planet - Oil Pastel

What The Quite Peculiar!

Eye Of The Eclipse - Colored Pencil

What The Good Heavens!

Heat Wave In The Morning - Oil Pastel

What The That's A Fowl How Do You Do!
:------]    ]

Galaxy Of Color - Oil Pastel

What The Far Out!