Monday, August 31, 2015

Candle Of Noir, Candle Of Color - VanCasso The Artist Comics

One very Interesting evening Mr. Vancasso is in a room with a
Candle of Noir, Candle of Color:
"Then she is just not an ordinary candle!" - Mr. VanCasso
* * * * *
What The That's For Sure!

Noir People In The Land Of Blue & Red - Color Pen

4 Panels And Then Some...or None?
1st Guy: Hi friend. How is everything?
2nd Guy: Just fine OK friend!
(Thinking: He's my friend but the first
chance I get I'm taking his neckwear!)
* * * * *
1st Gal: (Thinking: She's my friend but
she does get on my nerves sometime!)
2nd Gal: (Thinking: What could she be
thinking? Oh well! Who cares?)
* * * * *
What The Friendship!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Troubled Man And Then Some - Black Ink

"Never trouble trouble, till trouble troubles you." - 1st Man
"I say, that is a most troubling way of putting things." - 2nd Man
* * * * *
"The trouble with trouble is that it's trouble!" - 1st man
* * * * *
"I say, you're beginning to be a bit of trouble yourself!" - 2nd Man
* * * * *
"Trouble is as trouble does!" - 1st Man
 * * * * *
"I say, I do not want any more trouble from you!" - 2nd Man
* * * * *
"Maybe that's the trouble?" - 1st Man
* * * * *
"I say, NO MORE TROUBLE! ENOUGH!!!" - 2nd Man
* * * * *
"Ha Ha" - 1st Man

Pencil People - Pencil Sketching (2 Pages)

"If the pen is mightier than the sword?
Does that mean that the pencil is mightier
than the letter opener? - First Man
"Jolly good, old chap!" - Second Man
* * * * *
"That hat makes you look ...fat!" - First Woman

'Oh Dear! Thank you for warning me! Would you like it?" - Second Woman
* * * * *
"Yes! Uhhh....I mean OK....but just to help you out, dear!" - First Woman
* * * * *
"Thank you! You are quite helpful!" - Second Woman
* * * * *
What The What Just Happened?!

She Broke My Art! - Black & Color Pen Sketches

"She Broke My Art!" --- Man In Chair
Like wow man! We thought that it might be that
she had just broken his heart or something!
Broken art? That's worse, no? (?)
* * * * *
What The Art Breaking!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

If You Died Today, Where Would You Go? - The Bengal Brothers Comics

One day Rif and Raf are asked an Interesting question:
What The Oh My Grin!
* * * * *
The Twincredible Duo are just Grincredible! - Ye Editor

The Nunchaku Challenge: Nun-Aww-Chucks Comics

One day a mysterious person posted a mysterious message
on a mysterious webpage on the mysterious internet:
"To whom it may concern: If you are up to  The Nunchaku Challenge!
Bring your nunchakus to the address listed here at midnight
and lets see what you've got?
Many in the community thought that it was some kind of a joke.
The others thought that if it was serious no one would  bother to show up!
Boy were they all wrong! And how!
What The Mamma Mia!!!
* * * * *
If anyone wants us to post the image in its original ink form let us know - Ye Editor

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Ronald McDonald Vs Customer? - PhotoArt

Ronald McDonald confronts a customer:
"Sir! If you keep on calling me 'Jack,'
I'm going to have to insist that you leave the premises!"
Customer: Don't be that way, Jack!

Life, Death And The End is Near! Part 1 - The Bengal Brothers Comics

One day, just before noon, Rif and Raf are approached
by an Interesting Individual who is a follower of an
even more Interesting Individual, a modern day prophet
named Isaiahz Truth: 
That's the end....for now.
To Be Continued....

Marty: Boy Monster Hunter: 4 Pages Of Sketch/Cartooning

Here are the 4 pages of Marty: Boy Monster Hunter
1. Marty is looking at a sign made and put on "Monster Mountain"
by some of the children that live near it!

2. Marty lets the cry ring out as his kid brother looks on!

3. Marty and his trusty staff make their way up the mountain!

4. Marty, Marty & Marty!
* * * * *
What The Marty Times Three!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Monster Mountain: Part 1 - Marty: Boy Monster Hunter!!!

One early morning a boy, who we will about...
Marty: Boy Monster Hunter,
decides to leave his home while his family is still sleeping:
Will Marty: Boy Monster Hunter
really find a monster at the top of "Monster Mountain?"
Or will he find something else.......?
Be with us when we present:
Monster Mountain: Part 2 - Marty: Boy Monster Hunter!!!

The Fantastic Five: Starring Mr. VanCasso

The Fantastic 5! Really?
What The Black & White With Some Color!

Woman & Hand, Boys in the Hall, etc. - Sketch Comics

Sketch Comics:
What The My Little Pen Comics!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Right Hairy Situation - The Bengal Brothers Comics/New Videos

One day Rif and Raf are just hanging out at the Buff & Stuff Gym:
What The Hair We Grow Again!
* * * * *
What The Video! Update:
We have several videos shot at The Beach on our YouTube Channel

Rock & Roll Dudes In Concert Comics

The Rock & Roll Dudes In Concert:
What The Hit After Hit!

In The Hallway - The Bengal Brothers SketchToon Comics

Here we have a couple of SketchToons Of Rif & Raf Bengal:
What The Could They Be Looking For Someone?!
* * *
Rif: Did he come through here?
Raf: He had to come through here. He just couldn't
have vanished into thin air'
At least I don't thin so!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

A Pair Of Pears - The Bengal Brothers Comics

One day while visiting the Art Museum of Art -
Rif and Raf come upon the following painting:
What The Too Cool & Two Cool!
* * *
Heh Heh - Ye Editor
* * *
Mixed Media Mania
* * *
Heh Heh, Again - Ye Editor

Escalators & Life - That's Life Comics: Blazor Blahmon

Two people that were so close and yet so far from one another:
You see Cheek-O's,
If these two would have met - they would have been
the perfect couple. Well as perfect as humanly possible.
They would have grown old together. (That's good?)
Maybe we should say that they would have stayed
together and been good to and for each other!  :--)
But sadly they were each going in the opposite direction
and so they would not meet one another on this fateful day.  :---(
That's the real world! And that's the real deal!
And another thing Cheek-O's!
Life can get Real Tough and that's the Real Stuff!
Have a good one - Blazor Blahmon

Man & Woman, Lady & What The Art! Sign, Etc! - Black Ink Sketches

Some more sketches with our little pen:
What The Inkcredible!
* * * * * * *
What The We Hope!
* * * *
Panel 4 Comic:
She had missed the bus and so she began to walk!
A few minutes later the bus would miss her
and so the passengers would begin to talk!

Reading Comics, Woman & Man, Coyote, Etc! - Black Ink Sketches

Here are some sketches that we did with our little pen:
What The Inkcredible!
* * * * * * *
(Hopefully....heh  heh....- Ye Editor)

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Best Thing About Being Alone - Blazor Blahmon Comics

Here he is - The One -The Only - Blazor Blahmon:
What The Isn't He The One On YouTube?!
* * * * *
What The Yup The Same!
* * * * *
Coming Soon: More Blazor Blahmon Comics

Barbaricus Vs. Lady Warrior - Warriors & Barbarians Comics

Barbaricus: Submit to me or you will never see your little sister again!
Lady Warrior: Submit? I think not! Especially when slaying you and then
feeding your filthy carcass to the wild beasts would be much more pleasant!
* * * * *
What The Ouch!

28 Female Faces Of Noir - Black Ink Pen

28 Female Faces Of Noir: 
What The Hopefully You Can Count Better Than You Can...
(Hey! Hey! Heyyyyyy!) Uh....Not Count!
* * * * *
(You got out of that one)
* * *
What The We Did - Didn't We?!