Saturday, May 30, 2015

For Crying Out Loud - The Bengal Brothers Comics

One day Rif and Raf run into a real Tearjerker-
a Tearmonger, if you will.
A regular Weeping Warrior:
What The Waterworks!

Woman In A Violet Wrap - Acrylic Painting

Woman In A Violet Wrap:
What The Violet Begets Violet!

Black & Color Pen Sketches - Scraps O' Paper

Here we have some sketches that we did on various scraps o' paper:
What The Have Paper Will Sketch!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sunny At Night - Mixed Media by VanCasso

The latest creation by VanCasso:
Coming soon:
Sunny At Night - What The Critics Are Saying
About VanCasso And His Recent Painting!
* * * * * *
What The It Isn't Pretty!

YouTube Is 10 Years Old - The Bengal Brothers Comics

One day Rif and Raf are discussing the 10th birthday of YouTube:
What The That's A One Huge DVD!
* * * * * *
What The And Then Some! - Ye Editor

Sketches Of Women - Ink Pen (2 Pages)

A couple of the women on this first page are sporting WTA! shirts:
Not even one woman is sporting a WTA! shirt on this second page:

What The Hmmm....!

Warrior Gym (Before WTA!) - Black Ink Pen

Here's something that we did way before there was a
What The Art! Blog - And Then Some:
Here's the same drawing with a little color added:

What The Blast From The Past!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

What The Rock Is Cooking? - The Bengal Brothers Comics

Meanwhile Rif and Raf are watching a WWE video:
What The Rock And Roll!

The Dance: In Black Underwear - Mixed Media

Aspiring Art is better than no Art! - Ye Editor
What The That's Debatable!
* * * * * * *
Inspired by The Dance by Henri Matisse

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Cartoon Fantasy The Song - The Bengal Brothers Comics

Cartoon Fantasy - The New Hit Song by The Bengal Brothers:
What The Hopefully!

When Life Is Not Funny X3 - Oil Pastel On Black Paper

When Life Is Not Funny -
Does It Help To Draw Funny Pictures?

What The You Tell Us And We'll All Know!
(3 Pages Of Oil Pastel On Black Paper)

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Woman In A Red Towel - VanCasso The Artist Comics

Meanwhile Mr. VanCasso looks at his most recent painting:
What The Perhaps She Told Him To Put Down The Brush,
Bring Her Another Towel And Then Leave The Room?!

She's Got Eggs - The Bengal Brothers Comics

Meanwhile Rif and Raf are watching ....cartoons?
What The Cluck-A-Doodle-Dooooooo!

What Does It All Mean? - Black Pen Sketches

"What The Art! ?"
A good question...
"What Does It All Mean?"
* * * * *
What The Another Question?!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Don't Take Your Problems Too Seriously - The TigerCat Kid Comics

Don't take your problems too seriously....
What The Are You Serious?!
What The No TigerCat Kidding!

Colorful And Dark & Gloomy - VanCasso The Artist Comics

One can still be colorful even though the days are dark and gloomy! - VanCasso
What The That's What We're Talking About!
What The That's What We're Painting About!

Woman With Two Flowers - Watercolor & Pen

A Woman With Two Flowers in Her Hair:
What The You Don't Say!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Where's My Dang Light Saber? - The Bengal Brothers Comics

One day while Rif and Raf are watching Start Wars FanVids:
What The Force, Indeed!

Rainbow In The Clouds - The TigerCat Kid Comics

There's a rainbow in my pocket.
How it got there is a matter of opinion! - The TigerCat Kid
What The If You Say So!

Tree In The Park - Mixed Media

If a tree were what we would be, then a tree we would be!
What The I See!