Sunday, October 30, 2016

She's All Heart - Mixed Media

What The Oh My Goodwill!

Beach Beast From Below - Stranded Space Alien Comics

All Of A Sudden The Stranded Space Alien Appears
On The Set Of A Movie And...
What's That Guy In The ....Space Alien Suit Doing Here? - Director
Beats The Heck Out Of Me! - Actor
Cut!!! Well He Just Ruined The Shot! - Director
* * * * *
What The It's All Just A Movie....Isn't It?!
:----[  ]

Halloween Night Of The Flying Toast - Specty The Ghost Comics

One Night Specty Is Minding His Own Business
When All Of A Sudden.....
What The Who You Gonna Call? Toast Busters!!!
:-----[  }

The Insult That Made A Super Hero Out Of Macky - Charles Action Comics

One Day Macky Encounters A Very Disagreeable Fella...
What The Hip Hip, Hooray!

The Cloudy Blue Yonder? X 3 - Photo Art

What The It Sure Looks That Way....Kinda!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Water Bottle Flip Video Shoot - Photo Art

Tiger Bailey On The Set Of The Water Bottle Flip Challenge Video
What The Wet And Wild!

Lady Thinking About The Blues - Mixed Media

Lady Thinking About The Blues
What The It Certainly Looks That Way!

"I'm Not Darth Vader!" - Silver Vampire Comics

"Do Come Out From Hiding, I'm Not Darth Vader, You Know!"
What The Hiding Doesn't Seem Like Such A Bad Idea!

Fish In A Robot - Too Science Fiction Comics

"You Were Expecting Charlie The Tuna?"
What The It Just Got Fishy!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Lady Blue Blue & Her Blue Blues Guitars - Lady Blue Blue Comics

Lady Blue Blue & Her Blue Blues Guitars
What The That's The Blues!

Bodybuilding At The Blue Sea Gym - Muscle & Funness Comics

Bodybuilding At The Blue Sea Gym
What The What's Next, Pumping Iron At The Purple Pier Gym?!

The Chicken & The Egg - Mixed Media

The Chicken & The Egg
What The Which Came First, The Chicken Or The Flying Egg?!

Elvis Presley In Concert - Mixed Media

Elvis Presley In Concert 
What The Stay Off Of My Blue Suede Shoes!

Life Has Many Hardships - Comic Arting Around Comics

Life Has Many Hardships!
What The That's The Way It Is Sometimes!
P. S. 
Eye Of The Tiger Just Came On The Radio. Hmmm.....
"They Stack The Odds...."
Ye Editor

Monday, October 24, 2016

Space Alien Stranded On Earth - Video Comics

Tiger In The Abstract Jungle - Acrylic Painting

Tiger In The Abstract Jungle 
What The Kinda Wild, No?!
;----/  /

Space Alien Stranded On Earth - Mixed Media

Space Alien Stranded On Earth
What The You Would Scream To, If It Happened To You!

Lonely Star Night - Oil Pastel

Lonely Star Night
What The Interesting....Hopefully!

Cartooning At Night - After Dark Comics

Cartoons At Night
What The.....Negative?!

The Writer And The Pen: Writer's Block?

The Day A Writer Didn't Write....
What The Literary Impasse!

Take Time To Recharge Your Batteries - Photo Art

Take Time To Recharge Your Batteries
What The Timely Advice!
:---- //

Sunday, October 23, 2016

New: Holiday Hit Shades - As Not Seen On TV Comics

As Not Seen On TV:
New: Holiday Hit Shades!
Be The Hit Of The Holidays!!
For Only $99.99!
What The That's Less Than $100.00!
:---<  >
"No Deposit, No Return!" ~ Ye Editor

The Train Of Thought - Choo Choo Comics

One Day The Train Of Thought Is Really....Thinking!
What The For Thinking Out Loud!

What The Art! Digest, Number 7 & 8

What The Art! Digest
Number 7 & 8

Subscription Price:
$19.99 Each Or Just $42.17
For Both!!!!

What The :----{  } !

3 Bear Clouds In The Night Sky - Mixed Media

3 Bear Clouds In The Night Sky
What The Beary Interesting!

Bad Blue Moon Rising Over Yellow Tree - Mixed Media

Bad Blue Moon Rising Over Yellow Tree
What The Will You Look At That!

Alone In Outer Space? - Mixed Media

Alone In Outer Space?
What The Out Of This World!