Thursday, December 29, 2016

Pegasus Vs Dragon - Photo Art

1 You're Just A Mythological Creature!
2 No! You're The Freaking Mythological Creature!
1 Let's Rock!
2 And Roll!
What The Come On Guys, Let's Play Nice!
:-----<   >

Drawings: Norman Rockwell - Pen

What The Penning Around!
* * * *
Inspiration: Norman Rockwell Illustrator
By Arthur L. Guptill

New! Happy New Year Song With Hip Hop Music By Otis McDonald, Youtube

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A Handful Of Oil Pastels - Photo Art

What The Get A Load Of That!
:-----[  ]

Lady Red Red, Fashion Lady - Oil Pastel

What The Would You Look At That?!

Ruins And What Not - Oil Pastel

What The How's That?!

Woman A Million Miles Away - Oil Pastel

What The Who, What, Where?!

Structure And Then Some - Oil Pastel

What The What Is This, Abstract City?!

Television In The Art Studio - Water Soluble Wax Pastels

What The Any Thing Good On?!

Santa Claus & Milk And Cookies - Man On The Street Comics

What The You'd Better Be Nice!

Would You Like To Be A Wrestler? - Too Much! Comics

What The Headbutt!

Deadpool & Graphic Novels A $1.00?