Saturday, June 27, 2015

Drawing Sad With A Pencil - 2 whole pages

Many of these were inspired by images on the Internet:
That goes double for page 2:

What The If This Were A Book, It Would Be A Two Page One!
* * * * * * *
Then you could read and re-read it over and over and over....... - Ye Editor

One Fowl Crowd - Whatever/What The Art!

"What The Art! Everybody"
Hey!!! That's us they're talking about! Like-a-Wow!
What The Whatever The Art!
* * * * *
TM/WTA! Photography

Peacock On A Wall - Photoart

Peacock On A Wall?
Where do they get these titles?
What The You Tell Us And We'll All Know!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Help Me My God, Where Are You? - Part 1

Help Me My God, Where Are You?
As he had done so many times before he was keeping his Mother company at the hospital that she had been at for so many days and nights.
And as his Mother had done for so many days and nights, she was crying and praying in her bed.
He had heard it so many times before, "help me my God, where are you?"
She had also prayed, "help me, help me my God, please, please, make me well." 
But this night would be different. As he would learn in a few hours.
Visiting hours were now over. So he had to tell his Mother that he had to go but that he would be back to see her in the morning.
She always got sad when he had to leave. She would pray that God would take care of him and keep him safe.
As he was leaving he thought about her prayer, "help me my God, where are you?"
While he was driving home he kept thinking about his Mother and her prayer, "help me my God, where are you?"
As he arrived home he parked the car and shut off the engine. He then said, "help me my God, where are you?"
After he had said this he heard a voice say to him, "if I offered you the ability to heal one person - but not your Mother - would you accept it?"
To Be Continued....

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Like A Boat Alone In The Ocean -Mixed Media

Like a boat alone in the ocean
When the storm comes
We just can't help but to be tossed to and fro
As we go from good to bad emotion
Like a boat alone in the ocean!
What The The Boat Looks So Small!

Two Cups Of Coffee - The Bengal Brothers Oil Pastel Comics

Two Cups of Coffee with The Bengal Brothers:
What The Java Is As Java Does!

Hateful Is As Hateful Does - Black & White Comics

A comic that starts out not too neighborly and then....
What The Friendly!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Pastels Or Pastries? - The Bengal Brothers Comics

One day Rif and Raf are in The Pastels Bakery:
What The Can You Smell What The Smock Is Cooking?!

A Storm Called Life - Mixed Media

Wouldn't it be great if life was never hard
and all was smooth sailing, day and night? 
What The It Sure Would And Then Some!

Oh My Graphite! Water Soluble, That Is!

We were just looking to do something with the ol' water soluble graphite:
What The And There You Have It!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Castle Noir On The Hill - Mixed Media

Just another typical evening at Castle Noir:
What The Or Was It?!

By The Lake On A Rock +1 - The TigerCat Kid Sketches

We took a black ink pen and some scenery and....
What The What Happened After That?!

You Son Of A Belch - The Bengal Brothers Comics (Sketch)

Trying to come up with an idea for a comic strip:
What The Unthinkable!
* * * * *
What The What's Next, Far-Fetched Comics?!
(Hmmm.....Ye Editor)

Monday, June 15, 2015

She's So Radiant - Mixed Media

Inspired by Jeune Fille avec Anemones by Marie Laurencin:
What The All This And Flowers Too!

What The Help Is Going On? - Chicken Pickin' Comics

A little sketchtooning will do ya:
What The Why Did The Chicken Cross The Yellow Brick Road?!
* * * * *
What The Nugget Laying Chicken?!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

50 Shapes Of Gray - VanCasso The Artist Comics

Ladies and Gentlemen! Here is the newest creation by Mr. VanCasso:
What The Oh My Gray!

Two Women - Water Soluble Graphite +

Water Soluble Graphite + Water Soluble Wax Pastel=
What The Perhaps More Of These Art On The Way!

10 Blonde Women - Mixed Media

We tried out some of the brush markers and a black ink pen:
What The And That's What You Got?!

Sunbird And Four More Brush Markerpieces

We just purchased a 4 pack of Brush Markers:
What The How Come?!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Rude People Make Me Burp - The Bengal Brothers Comics

One day Rif and Raf are at the store:
What The If Someone Says Bengal Brothers' Burp Activate
We'll Just...Buh-Urp!!
* * * * * * *
What's Next: Son of a Belch Comics?
What The Hmmm...!

Space Face Invades Earth - WTA! Science Fiction Comics

One fateful evening he came from someplace in outerspace:
What The Well Farout!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

DeadMeat Or Chicken Nachos...-The Bengal Brothers Comics

One day, just before lunch, Rif and Raf are shooting the breeze:
What The Now That's Telling Him!
* * * * *
"I pity the fool that tries to take the Chicken Nachos
 with Fresh Avocado that I got." - Clubber Lang (?) 

Marilyn Monroe? - Mixed Media

Well folks it had to happen.
Here's an aspiring drawing of Marilyn Monroe:
What The Is That Really Marilyn Monroe?!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Security Observation Briefing - The Bengal Brothers Comics

Security Observation Briefing: 6-8-15
Below is a .....polaroid/photo of Rif and Raf Bengal:

What The You Have To Visit The Blog To See The Polaroid!
* * * * * * * *
Bengal Security? My Word! - Ye Editor 

Live And In Living Color - The TigerCat Kid Comics

The TigerCat Kid in Color & Black and White:
Something to think about the next time you need something to think about
and you want to think about this something! Now that's something! - Ye Editor

Vintage Comic Pencil Sketching - Drawing Clipboard

Here's an old pencil cartoon sketching that we did in 2013.
It was on the drawing clipboard all the time:
What The Vintage What The Art!