Thursday, February 27, 2014

Evil Devil Woman 6: Cyndi Lauper? - The Bengal Brothers Comics

In our last episode the mysterious woman
claimed to be Beyonce:
Cyndi Lauper? Now she's claiming to be Cyndi Lauper!
Is she just having fun with Rif and Raf or...?
To Be Cartoonued......

Night Hulk Gallery? - The Bengal Brothers

Rif and Raf are watching the episode of Night Gallery
Starring Bill Bixby, Donna Douglas, Carol Lynley...

Pencil Drawing - The Bengal Brothers

A pencil drawing of the Bengal Brothers from the Year 2013 
 2013? Where does the time go?
"Now if we ever meet someone who claims
to be a celebrity this is what we'll do....."

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Funny Pages Comics - The Bengal Brothers

The Bengal Brothers check out The Funny Pages Comics:
"All the of the chicken nachos?"
Can the fresh avocado be far behind?
What The Scary! Indeed!

What The Pen! The White

Once again the color is white:

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hand Over Your Wallet - Cartoon Artvertisement

This one kinda-sorta has it all!
The Bengal Brothers, Wonder Wallet,
Battery Bucks, Daily & Nightly Comics, etc:
Cartoon Artvertisement?
What The Suh-weet!
("Easy Payments?" Ye Editor)

What The Pen! The White: Ink Sketches

This time the color is white:

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Cartoonist Comics #1 - The Cover

This was inspired by:
R. Crumb drawing for cover of Artistic Comics (1973),
Masters of American Comics, p. 323,
Edited by John Carlin, Paul Karasik and Brian Walker:
Coming Soon:
Artastic Comics Featuring VanCasso? Hmmm.....

Life Is A Beach - The TigerCat Kid Comics

Just a day at the beach:
Does this mean that Beach is a Life?  Hmmm.....

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Animals and The Bengal Brothers - Photos

What The Photos!:
I can't see how the Bengal Brothers are going to get out of this latest predicament!*
They'll be fine .....but I think I'll stay up here for the time being....heh heh .....
*Ye Editor: See "Evil Devil Woman 5: Beyonce? - The Bengal Brothers Comics"
(A couple of photos that we took )

Evil Devil Woman 5: Beyonce? - The Bengal Brothers Comics

When last we saw the Brothers Bengal
"Evil Devil Woman" or ?.... suggested that she was Lady Gaga:
Now she's saying that she's ...Beyonce?
What The Gasp! Indeed!
Fun fact #21914-33 1/3:
While we were working on this comic
Lady Gaga just happened to be 
Jimmy Fallon's guest on The Tonight Show!

What The Pen! The Red/Yellow - "Unfinished Business"

This time the color is red/yellow:
We did these sometime between
December 2013 and January 2014...
we didn't date either one and for
some reason or another the bottom
parts of each sheet of paper is....
What The Hmmmm....!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Evil Devil Woman 4: Lady Gaga? - The Bengal Brothers Comics

In our last episode Ev......uh.....
our mystery woman claimed to be Halle Berry:
Now she's implying that she's Lady Gaga?
"Oh my!" Indeed!

Facial Expressions: Cartooning

We copied/sketched the following from:
It's Fun To Draw - Edited by Alan D. Bogorad, 
p. 41, c. 1943, Knickerbocker Publishing Company, New York, NY.
Dialogue supplied by us. "Dear me!" Indeed!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Black Ink Comics #1

We did some sketch-drawing with the good ol' black ink pen:
This is sort of a place to practice sketch-drawing
and to try and come up with comic/cartoon ideas.
No more - no less!
P.S. Hopefully we'll have the next
Evil Devil Woman / The Bengal Brothers Comics
posted on Saturday night. Ye Editor

What The Pen! The White + Some Color

This time the color is white:

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Evil Devil Woman 3: Halle Berry? - The Bengal Brothers Comics

In the last 'episode' "Evil Devil Woman"
(Or whoever she is)
claimed to be Miley Cyrus:
What The Whoa!
Now she's claiming to be Halle Berry!
Curiouser and curiouser!

Painting Sketches X9 - Von Dongen, Ensor, Kirchner, etc.

We did these with a #2 pencil while looking at paintings by
Von Dongen, Ensor, Feiningeer, Kirchner, Modigliani, Duez, Rosetti, etc.
In: Art At Auction The Year at Sotheby's 1981-82:

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Evil Devil Woman 2: Miley Cyrus? - The Bengal Brothers Comics

When last we saw The Bengal Brothers
they were running for the hills
being persued by Evil Devil Woman(?):
What The Hannah!
She's not Evil Devil Woman- she's ....Miley Cyrus?
Or as Rif and Raf put it: "Miley Cyrus!?"
To be cartoonued! Indeed! 

Young Lady - Pencil Sketch

Sketching with a 4B pencil:

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Big Angry Bird - The Bengal Brothers Comics

Of Bengal Brothers and Birds(?):

Charlie Chaplin - Pencil Sketches

When we purchaesd the 12 pack of Art & Design pencils
we also picked up a 6 pack of Drawing & Sketching pencils:
We looked at West Coast Peddler, February 2014,
100th Anniversary Screen Debut of Charlie Chaplin by Eric Bradley
as we did the above Draw-Sketches!

Ink & Paint "Painting" 2 - (WTA! Comics)

Yet another Paint-Experimentation:
The TigerCat Kid: What happened to my hair?
Ye Editor: Uh...It's just a marker sketch...
The TigerCat Kid: O I C. Well see that it doesn't happen again!
Ye Editor: We can only try....
The TigerCat Kid: That's all I ask!
Ye Editor: Uh...sure. Anything else?
The TigerCat Kid: Yes!
Ye Editor: I'm listening...
The TigerCat Kid: Practice! Practice! and oh yes....Practice!
Ye Editor: What The Critic!

Ink & Paint "Painting" 1

We did this so we could do some more experimentation with Paint:
Ver-ry In-ter-resting! (Hopefully!)

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Cross Bridge: Derain - Oil Pastel

We did this one while looking at:
Derain, Charing Cross Bridge, p. 151,
The Fauves, Jean-Paul Crespelle.
c. 1962, New York Graphic Society, Greenwich, CT.

Art & Design Pencils X12 - Sketches

We just bought a 12 pack of Art & Design Pencils
and gave them a little work out:
Portrait of Manet -Degas
Techniques of Drawing - Howard Simon,
p. 93, c. 1963, Sterling Publishing Co. Inc, New York.

How About Cartooning - The Bengal Brothers Comics

One day when Rif and Raf are out and about:
To be Cartoonued! Indeed!

Talking Car - A Cartoon Look

We heard a few weeks ago that they are coming out
with a talking car ---sometime in the future:
Talking car or talk back car?
What The Vehicle!

Cartooning Ideas: Ball Point Pen

A piece of scratchpaper and a ball point pen and away we go:

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Home Is Where The Art Is - VanCasso

A few 'snap shots' of Mr. VanCasso and his artwork:

Graphic Art, Cartoons and Milton Caniff

"Graphic art began to be an important element in the make up
 of the American newspaper in the early days of the republic.
Paul Revere engraved anti-British cartoons upon copper plates
for printers in Massachusetts Colony in the Revolution
and Benjamin Franklin illustrated his Pensylvania Gazette
and Poor Richard's Almanac.....Cartoons were already a potent
editorial influence at the time of the War of 1812.
A history of the United States since that time could be told
entirely in editorial cartoons." - John Paul Adams,
Milton Caniff: Rembrandt of the Comic-Strip, p. 16,
c.1946, David McKay Company.
The Above were copied from examples
of Mr. Caniff's artwork in the book with a China Marker.


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl Prediction(?) - WTA! Comics

Football Comics * Starring:
The Bengal Brothers - The TigerCat Kid and Mr. VanCasso:
* Comics about football.

Batman Movie Book - Sketches

Pencil/Marker sketches copied from:
Batman The Official Book of the Movie - John Marriott

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Now That's A Super Bowl - The Bengal Brothers

Now That's A Super Bowl! Starring The Bengal Brothers
*  *  *  *  *
The 1 1/4 pound B & B Bowl: Only $5.00.
For $2.35 more - Make it a Tasty Bengal Chow Combo!
Go B & B Bowl! *** What The Chow!

Oil Pastel On Black Paper

We did some Oil Pastel experimentation on black paper:

Perhaps some more experimentation is needed?
What The Indeed!