Tuesday, September 29, 2015

From Bad To Worse - What Else Can Happen? Comics

One portentous day an individual is in a boat and....
What The Foreboding!
* * * * *
Boy: Sometimes things go from bad to worse!
Girl: Things! Knock it off! Right now!
* * * * *
What Else Can Happen? - From Bad To Worse Comics (?)
&: Pourtentous - My Word! ~~~~ Oh My Gush! - Ye Editor

Kitten Smitten - Acrylic Painting +

Lady: I would like some free coffee, please:
Employee: Sure-sy! How about some free breakfast
and anything else free you would like?
* * * * *
What The Smitten Just Happened?!

Free Coffee: Women - Black Pen Comics

Women: We would like some free coffee, please:
Employee: I shouldn't do this, but how about
a nice cup of hot cocoa at half price instead?
* * * * *
What The Freebie!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

A Pictorial History Of The Comics - The Bengal Brothers Comics

Inspired by
A Pictorial History Of Western Art
Erwin O. Christensen
What The Available Wherever Paperback Books Are Sold!
* * * * *
What The Funny Pages!

Lions, Giraffe & Ladies - Black Ink Pen

Lions, Giraffe & Ladies!
Oh My!
What The Ink Of Noir!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Life Is A You Know What! - The Bengal Brothers Comics

One day Rif and Raf are talking about life:
Yup, that's a female dog with her pups. Ye Editor
* * * * *
What The Son Of A Bite!

"Secret" Pictures Of Woman By Lake - Gotcha Comics

One day a woman is relaxing by the lake and a man is hiding behind a tree:
Woman: I can hear you giggling!
Man: No you can't....uh oh......
Woman: You had better just delete those pictures.
Because I know where you live!
Man: No you don't....uh oh...............
* * * * *
What The Snap Happens!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Talking The Comics - The Bengal Brothers Comics

On A day when the clouds decided to show up and pour out some rain,
Rif and Raf our indoors talking about the comics:
What The FanArt And Then Some!

God, Please Make Me Well - Sad Times Comics

One night in a sad place:
What The Good Heavens!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Rude Person, The Polite Duck & The Red Stone - Short Story Comics

I was feeling bad because the person working at the store was quite rude.
I had said 'thank you' after they gave me my change and they didn't
say 'thank you' or 'you're welcome' or even 'uh huh.'
If a person cannot even spare an 'uh huh.' You know that that
 person is quite tight with Mr. Rude.
At least that's what Gramps used to tell me when I was a kid.
So because I was feeling bad due to the store employee's rudeness,
I decided to go to the lake.
I was there for about 7 minutes and 7 seconds, when all of a sudden
a very polite duck came towards me and said 'quack.'
I looked at the duck and said, 'Hello Mr. Duck how are you doing
today?' He looked at me and said 'quack' and then he seemed to smile.
I told him that he was more polite than some of the people I've met.
Once again he seemed to smile and said 'quack.'
As I was looking at this rather polite duck I happened to notice
The Red Stone on his back.
As Mr. Duck moved closer to me, I just knew that he wanted me
to take The Red Stone from his back.
I slowly reached for it and as I grasped it in my hand I felt a
tingly sensation.
I could also now hear Mr. Duck's thoughts. He told me to point
The Red Stone at the next person who was rude to me.
I asked him, 'what would happen when I would point The Red
Stone at someone that was rude to me?'
He looked at me and with a smile said, 'trust me.'
My reply to him was, 'all right Mr. Duck I'll trust you.'
And then I said, 'I can't wait to try it out tomorrow,"
I then said, 'Hey Mr. Duck! Why don't I go to the store
and get us a snack?' Mr. Duck's reply was, 'that sounds
like a most tasty idea.'
I told him 'I would get some chips if it was fine by him.'
He said, 'chips are one of my favorite snacks to snack on.'
We both had a good chuckle over this.
I told him that  'I would be right back with the chips.'
When I got to the store I went right to the aisle where the
chips were at. I got a good size bag for the both of us.
I then got in the checkout line. There were only a couple
of people ahead of me.
As I was waiting for my turn I noticed that the same employee
that was rude to me earlier was once again my checker.
I then remembered what Mr. Duck had said about pointing
The Red Stone at the next person who was rude to me.
I had told him that I trusted him and that I would do just that.
Well it was now my turn. I said, 'Hello'  to the checker and
they didn't say anything. The silence was deafening.
The checker scanned my chips and then I payed for them
and said, 'thank you.' But just as in the morning they had
nothing to say.
I looked around and saw that there was no one else here.
So I reached in my pocket and pulled out the Red Stone
and then I pointed it right at the checker.
To Be Continued
* * *
What The What Happened After That?!

The Rude Person, The Polite Duck & The Red Stone - The Sketches

Here are a couple of sketch pages for
The Rude Person, The Polite Duck & The Red Stone
short story:
On this first page we see our Guy reaching for the red stone
and Mr. Polite Duck is simply being Polite.
Not at all Poheavy! No! No! No!

On this second page we have three panels of sketches.
1. Our Guy is holding The Red Stone.
2. Our Guy is saying "Thank You."
3. Mr. Duck is bringing The Red Stone.
* * * * * *
What The Simply Polite!
Awww :-->

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A Bunch Of Jack Assassins! - The Bengal Brothers Comics

One adventurous evening Rif and Raf meet up with a team of assassins
whose members, coincidently, all happen to have the first name, Jack:
What The Smile When You Say That!
* * * * *
Oh My Grim!
The Jacks....uh....Assassins don't seem to be smiling....
...come on guys ...lighten up...heh heh.....  Ye Editor

Lonely Is The Eye Of The Storm - Mixed Media

One day a lone soul was just out living there life
when all of a sudden, the storm hit:
Oh My Gale!
* * * * * *
What The Furor!
* * * * *
"Is this a pair-able?" - The Bengal Brothers
:--)  :--)

Monday, September 14, 2015

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Peace Or Violence? - Lady Lethalia Comics

It is way after dark and The Night Skulkers 
have been following a lady for several minutes:
Next Time:
"The Lady Is Lethal!"

Pretty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder - Mixed Media Comics

TV Reporter: Do You Think You're Pretty?
Model: Pretty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder!
(She Then Unwraps The Towel Around Her)
Behold This!!!
TV Reporter: Gulp! Aduh! Aduh! Uhhh......Gulp!

Fashion Faces: 2 Pages - Black Ink Sketches

We were looking through our copy of
The Complete Book of Fashion Illustration
Third Edition
Sharon Lee Tate & Mona Shafer Edwards
And we did the above page and the page below

What The Facials!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Man & Woman Licking Popsicle - Mixed Media

Man & Woman Licking Popsicle:
What The What Did You Think They Would Be Licking, Chopped Liver?!
* * * * *
Is this what they call Pop-sicle Art? --- Ye Editor 
Coming Soon: Man & Woman Licking Ice Cream   :---}

The Bag Or The Jackass? - Fight Right Comics

1st Guy: How Long Have You Been Hitting The Bag?
2nd Guy: Oh About 30 Or 40 Minutes!
1st Guy: Maybe You Shouldn't Hit The Bag So Much!
2nd Guy: It's Either The Bag Or Some Guy That I Just Found Out Is A Total Jackass!
1st Guy: Who Is This Jackass?
2nd Guy: You!
1st Guy: Uh....Maybe You Should Hit The Bag A Whole Lot More!
And I'll Just Leave The Two Of You Alone!
2nd Guy: Good Idea!
* * * * *
What The Fighting Without Fighting!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Beaned Burrito - Catahoowee & Ratafoowee Comics

One day Ratafoowee comes upon Catahoowee
whistling while he is out for a morning walk:
What The Frijole!

Do You Think You're Pretty? Sketch Comics

TV Reporter: Do You Think You're Pretty?
Model: Yes! But Only Because It's The Truth!
My Parents Taught Me To Always Tell The
Truth! They Also Taught Me To Be Humble!
Hmmm.....I'll Just Say I'm Pretty In A Humble
Kind Of Way! Hi Mom! Hi Dad!

Monday, September 7, 2015

I'm Going To Kick His Ash - Ash Kicking Comics

A son goes to his Father as he is just about to watch the fights:
Kicking Ash?
What The Goodness Gracious!

Sketching Hands - Black Ink Pen

Perhaps someone will find this one..... handy:
What The Anyone?
* * * * *
Handy is as handy does! - Ye Editor

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Why You Little Heathen 2 - The TigerCat Kid Comics

When we last saw Pastor Noah Goode he was
really quite...upset with The TigerCat Kid:
What The Holler Don't Hit!

Something Smells Fishy - Cat & Fish Comics

Cat: Something Smells Fishy! Heh Heh
Fish: Maybe It's Your Litter Box? Heh Heh
* * * * *
What The Feline & Oh My Gills!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road? - The Bengal Brothers Comics

One day Rif and Raf ask an age old question to various people
and get several quite interesting answers: 
What The Could That Be A Container
Of Chicken Nachos With Fresh Avocado
On The Other Side Of The Road?!
* * * * *
Why did the avocado not cross the road? ---Ye Editor

Star Wars Parodies Make Me Cry - Silly Science Fiction Comics

One afternoon in a galaxy farout aways:
R2D2: Sob! Sob! Sob!
C3PO: Why are you crying, R2?
R2D2: Star Wars parodies make me cry!
C3PO: Good Heavens! ......hee....hee.....
R2D2: Sob! Sob! S.O.B. Sob!
C3PO: My Word! Did you just call me an S.O.B. R2?
R2D2: Of course not! You son of a botch!
C3PO: OK, R2, I'll take you at your...... word!
R2D2: Sob! Sob! heh....Sob!......heh.....Sob!....heh....
* * * * * *
"Son of a Botch?"
What The Bungle! 

Boy Batters Bully: Bully For Him! - Breaking News Comics

Breaking News Comics:
Boy Batters Bully! - Bully For Him!
What The Son Of A Bash!
* * * * *
We were going to title this one:
Boy Pounds Bully!
But we didn't! Hmmm..... ----Ye Editor