Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Stan "The Man" Lee - Marker Sketch

The following is our attempt to sketch Stan "The Man" Lee
from the cover of The Stan Lee Universe,
Edited by Danny Fingeroth & Roy Thomas, TwoMorrows Publishing:
Rif and/or Raf, did any of you guys happen to see what
happened to The Stan Lee Universe book? - Ye Editor

Pictures & Dual Tip Graphic Art Markers

All except one of these are from pictures that we took:

Cartooning: Practice! Practice! Practice!

The followig is our attempt to practice cartooning:

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Cartooning & Sketching - Felt Tip Pens

We did this with our newly purchased 12 pack of Felt Tip Pens:
Hopefull we can post a few more posts before the
new Month begins and / or the old Month ends....

Bully Boys Vs. Kid Gadget

One day while on his way to a certain destination:
What will become of Kid Gadget?
Will the Bully Boys leave him alone or no?
These and maybe other questions will be answered next time!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Rainbow Paintings - VanCasso Comics

Some (more) kind of experimentation with our Poster Pencils:
Hopefully we will have some more posts
in a night or two to add to What The Art!

Rainbow Mountains At Night - Poster Pencils

We just got a 10 pack of Jumbo Poster Pencils:

Cartooning & Sketching: Water Based Paint Markers

We just got a 3 pack of Water Based Paint Markers and:

Hmmmm..... Perhaps if we get a few more colors.......
....and some more practice......Hmmmm............

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Some Kind Of Artist - VanCasso Comics

Rif and Raf are viewing some of VanCasso's works:
Mr. VanCasso dropping some kind of knowledge
on the Brothers called Bengal!  :--->

Cloudy Night & Trees - Watercolor Pencils

It rained for a while in the night and then:

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Batman, Riddler & The Honeymooners? - The Bengal Brothers Comics

Ralph Kramden: Bus Driver by day Bat-Man by night?:
You think maybe Norton doesn't like the little green shoes?
They can't be too comfy in the sewer! Hmmm...
Ralph, Bat-Man? Well he does work for....
the Gotham Bus Company.....Hmmm.....

Off The Wall Cartoons - What The Art!

And now for something off the wall:
Or is it on the wall?

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Muscle & Funness: Bodybuilding Comics

One day at the Bodybuilding Workout Gym:
What The Bicep!

Rock 'N' Roll Stars - The Bengal Brothers

If the Bengal Brothers were Rock 'N' Roll Stars....
.....they would look pretty much the same! (?)
Rif and Raf on their way to one of their many concerts?
Or maybe it's  just a pencil sketch?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Squirrel Vs Duck? - What The Picture!

What The Photo!:
I sure hope there's not a Duck sneaking up on me!

Far Out!: "Neon Poster & Polaroid Photo" - The Bengal Brothers

We did a wee bit of thee ol' experimentation with these two:

Hopefully we'll post a few more items tonight... - Ye Editor

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Night Of The Rainbow: Oil Pastel

Where were you on the Night of The Rainbow?:
A bonus Odd Dern Oil Pastel:

What The Yikes!  :---0

White Pencil & Marker: Cartooning, Drawing & Sketching

We decided to experiment and/or practice
with a white colored pencil and China marker on black "canvas":

Yes, we used a little color on the second one. - Ye Editor

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Creating A Comic Book - The Bengal Brothers Comics

One day Rif asks Raf a very...creative question:
Oh, Funny Books!
Now we have to wait and see
what the comic book idea is going to be!

African Turaco - Acrylic Painting

African Turaco checking out the scenery:

Modern Paintings or Odd Dern Paintings?

Didn't we do this one a few Months or so ago?:
(BTW: Acrylic: Above and Below)

Different paintings back then--so the same only diferent - Ye Editor

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Secret UFO Invasion Of Earth - The Bengal Brothers Comics

This takes place before and/or after
The "Evil Devil Woman" Adventure Story: 
"To Be Continued?"
Come on guys we can't wait....then again.... Ye Editor 
P. S. See March 2014 for Evil Devil Woman Adventure story.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Profile Update: Cartooning & Sketching

We updated the What The Art! profile a tad bit (bit tad?)
And did some cartooning and a little pencil sketching:
We looked through a few issues of Comic Shop News for some of the above!

And of course some of these are from the mind of our very own pen! 
The above Hooded Ones - for example! Hmmmm.....

The above pen sketch is from
The Fauves-Jean Paul Crespelle, Marquet, Autoportrait.
What The Autoselfie!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Wrestlemania: Free Tickets and Backstage Passes? - The Bengal Brothers Comics

This takes place the day before April 2nd:
We think the gentleman sporting the shades was first! Ye Editor

Comics About The Comics & Cartoonists - The TigerCat Kid (Plus Questions For Comics Fans)

The TigerCat Kid looks at a poster of a forthcoming book (?):
(Perhaps the following will explain the above):
The Comics Since 1945: April Fools 1997 & Comics Abot The Comics & Cartoonists
The Comics Since 1945 by Brian Walker inspired a couple of questions.
1. But first a quote: "On April Fools' Day 1997, forty six syndicated artists
swapped features in "The Great Comics Switcheroonie." Mike Peters ghosted
For Better or For Worse, and Garfield and Jon moved in with Blondie and
Dagwood in the crossover spoof." (p. 282)
And now for the 1st question: Is there a book or a website with these forty six
swapped comic strips?
2. The book has several comics about the comics:
A character reading the comics, talking to a cartoonist, talking about cartooning, etc.
The Dilbert strip on p. 280 starts with Dogbert saying "I'm creating a comic
strip called "Pippy the Ziphead."
Garfield looks in a mirror and sees Snoopy, p. 206.
Some of the other strips included are: Sam's Strip - Walker & Dumas, Pp. 144-145,
Family Circus - Keane, Pp. 8-9, They'll Do It Everytime - Scaduto, p. 11,
B.C. - Hart (Tribute to past Cartoonists), p. 14, Thatch - Shesol, p. 282, etc.
Question number two: Is there a book or website that has other comic strips
like these or to paraphrase good ol' Charlie Brown:
"Is this pretty much all there is?"
Thank you,
Tony Montano

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Free Comic Books? - The Bengal Brothers Comics

Free comic books and/or April Fools Day?:
What just happened?  Hmmm......

What The Art! Voted Best Blog Of The Year

Best blog of the Year? Whoa and Wow - Wow and Whoa!
This is a most unexpected pleasure and honor.....
we just cannot thank you, the voters, enough and.....
"April Fool?" That is not very nice.
Rif and Raf....that is just downright mean! - Ye Editor