Thursday, January 30, 2014

Man Of Steel "Review" - The Bengal Brothers comics

Well here it is - our first Bengal Brothers'
Super Hero Movie "Review" (Something like that):

Red Hat Lady At Beach X6 - Vancasso

6 'paintings' by VanCasso - Enough Said:

Fashion Illustration Sketches

Here we have a couple of sketches we did with oil pastel:

And one with pencil:

We copied/sketched them from:
The Big Book of Fashion Illustration by Martin Dawber

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Coming Soon: Super Hero Movie 'Review' - The Bengal Brothers

Hopefully in the next day/night or two
The Bengal Brothers Super Hero Movie "Review"
will more than likely debut.
What will the first movie be?
Tune in and see:

Guitar Duck With Shades - Old Colored Pencil Drawing

This is a drawing I did Years ago.
I believe the colored pencils that I used were/are
called Mongol or something like that:

What The Pen! The Red

This time the color is red:

Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Diary of a Cartoonist 2

Dear Mr. Diary,
The last time we got together was the last time we got together. Heh heh...
Uh--yes--well moving on to the matter at hand - not foot! Heh...
Ahem! I was telling you about the funny thing that happened to me
and the actions I took to respond to said funny thing.
About how I sat at my drawing table staring at Mr. bristol and I
couldn't think of a funny thing to write, etc.
And then about how I sketched/doodled a funny face and then a second
funny face and that neither of them was able to inspire me to write
something funny, etc.
Well I did dare to sketch/doodle a third funny face.
After I sketched/doodled the third funny face
I looked at it for what seemed like an eternity-
it was only for a second or a little less.
And then it hit me - not what funny something to write-
but rather the laughter and then more laughter.
I just laughed and laughed for almost an hour.
This time it was for 56 minutes and 3 seconds.
After the laughter and/or laughter the after.
I stared at Mr. bristol, but, alas, I still could not
think of something funny to write.
I had sketched/doodled 3 funny faces and had laughed
and laughed and laughed. But that was all I did.
I still could not think of a funny thing to write.
I gave some serious thought to sketch/doodling yet a fourth funny face.
Could this be the answer or did the answer lie elsewhere?
Until the next time,
C. A. Toone

Loretta Young(?) - Sketches

We think it's supposed to be Loretta Young.
Well anyway they're sketches - we think...

The Flintstones - Ink and Colored Pencils

We sketched/copied this one from
the back of a box of Post Marshmallow Pebbles:
What The Yabba-Dabba-Doo!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Crayons X 4

We just got a 24 pack of Non-toxic Crayons.
So we did the following non-toxic artwork:

Is that Rif or Raf Bengal? Hmmm.....

Crayon Comics

We were looking through
The Comics - An Illustrated History of Comic Strip Art by Jerry Robinson
The first one seems to be saying 'Grrrrr'
the second one seems to be saying 'Not the nose - please not the nose!'
The fourth one seems to be catching forty winks.
The third and fifth ones seem to just be chilling-for now.

Oil Pastels & Crayons

The great oil pastels & crayons fight to set everything right.
The fight of the Year. The most stupendous, awesome, earth-shaking....
uh...sorry about that folks....
What The Side-by-Side!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Comic Art, Etc. - Watercolor Pencils & Fiber Tip Marker

We did some experimentation with
Watercolor Pencils and a Fiber Tip Marker:

The last two were done without the help of Mr. Fiber Tip.

The TigerCat Kid & TV Tip

A Sketch of The TigerCat Kid plus Paint:
TV Tip:
A channel kept coming up as No Signal
in the morning and the night.
I got the remote and pressed Set-up then channel, etc.
After the channel scan the No Signa channel was back again.
Yes, very much back again. Indeed!

Matisse Drawing - Sketch + Bonus

We copied the Plumed Hat pencil drawing by Henri Matisse from:
Modern Prints and Drawings by Paul J. Sachs, p. 73, c1954, Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.
Plus a bonus sketch:

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cartooning Faces - Brush Marker Sketching

Brush marker + Paint .
The following were copied from
The Easy Way to do Cartoons - Morris Huzarsky, pp. 48-53 

Self Portrait - Vlaminck : Sketch

Sketching + "Paint" =
We had this one done with Paint's Purple
at first - when we tried to see if we
could have one in purple and one in yellow
this is what happened.  Hmmm.....
Live and and learn....

Color Markers + Paint X 2

We decided to experiment with Paint this time around....
And here is the result X2:

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Marilyn Monroe Acrylic Painting?

Since the "Marilyn Monroe X6..." was used as our 'model(s)'
we'll settle for 1 X $2000 ....would you believe
1 X $20.00...?

Marilyn Monroe X6 - Sketches

We came upon an advertisement of a rare black and white
photograph - circa 1953 - of Marilyn Monroe in the paper.
According to the ad it sold for $20,000.
6 X $20,000 = .... Hmmmm.....
(Since the sketches are not signed we'll settle for 6 X $15,000. Yee-up!)

Ageless Movie Star - Sketches

While watching the Twilight Zone we did the following 2 sketches.
The episode was Queen of the Nile.
It was about an ageless movie star that stays that way
because of something having to do with a beetle:
1. She reads Beetle Bailey comic strips 29 minutes before midnight each night.
2. She listens to the Beatles' song, I am the Walrus 29 times in a row
29 minutes after midnight everyday.
3. None of the above.
4. All of the above - especially #3.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Diary of a Cartoonist

Dear Mr. Diary,
A funny thing happened today.
I was sitting at my drawing table staring at a blank bristol board.
Mr. bristol seemed to be staring back at me.
By the way: this is not the funny thing that I mentioned happening.
The funny thing that happened to me was that as I sat there
staring at Mr. bristol I could not think of a funny thing to write.
I just sat there staring at Mr. bristol while he -
or at least seemed to - stared back.
We kept this up for what seemed like an hour.
In reality it was only 53 minutes and 33 seconds.
I then decided to pick up my sketchbook
and sketch and/or doodle a funny face.
The reason I did this - and this is the reason -
was in the hopes that the funny face would
somehow, someway, inspire me to write something funny.
After I sketched/doodled the funny face
I laughed and laughed and laughed for almost an hour.
It was only 55 minutes and 29 seconds.
But I still couldn't think of a funny thing to write.
So I sketched/doodled another funny face.
Maybe this time it would work. I would look at this second
funny face and the words of funny would just come flowing out.

But the only thing that came flowing out was more
almost an hour long laughter.
This time it was only 55 minutes and 32 seconds.
As I looked at the next page in my sketchbook I thought to myself:
"Do I dare sketch/doodle a third funny face?
Will it be a third time's the charm moment or will it be
a three strikes and you're out moment?"
Well Mr. Diary that's all for now. I'll let you know what happened
the next time we get together.
C. A. Toone

The 3 Not So Little Kitties? - Oil Pastel Sketches




Traffic Light - Oil Pastel

An Oil Pastel of a Traffic Light? Hmmm...
What The Stop!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Life Is Heck - A Comic Strip

Here's one we were Inspired to do
by a quote given by David Rossi in an episode
of Criminal Minds a Month or so ago.
We paraphrased the quote just a little -
a teeny tiny bit, if you will:

Matisse: Self Portrait - Pastel Sketch

We came upon this one by Matisse in:
The Fauves by Jean-Paul Crespelle,
p, 17, Ides et Calendes Neuchalel, Switzerland, c. 1962.
What The Borrow!

What The Pen! The White + Some Color

This time the color is ...white, etc.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Don't Scream! - VanCasso and The Bengal Brothers

While out for a walk -
The Bengal Brothers happen upon a curious sight:

Horse and Rider - Sketch

Would you believe we were horsing around
with a pencil and pad several months ago?
What The Horse!

Cartoon Animation Sketches

One afternoon we just happened to see
some cartoon animation and/or animated cartoons on the television and:

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Modern Painting Or Odd Dern Painting? X4

We used 3 brushes and a 6 pack....uh....of Poster Paints for the following:
Riddle me this: When is modern art not modern art?
Answer: When it's odd dern art!
Ha Hoo Ha Hoo Ha Hoo - Hoo Ha Hoo Ha Hoo Ha! ...Ahem.....moving on:
The Boat stops here or there or somewhere or anywhere:
Color is as color does:
Fun Fact #2014-14-33&1/3:
We were looking for a 12 pack...uh..of colored pencils
and found the un-opened 6 pack of poster paints instead.
And the rest is What The Art! history!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Who's On First? & 2014 Vs 2013 Cartoons

Cartoons starring The Bengal Brothers and The TigerCat Kid.
Fun Fact #2014-1-33 1/3:
We first came up with the 2014 vs 2013 cartoon idea
a little more than a week ago.
The TigerCat Kid part was just added to it.
So all's well that ends well!
("So much for 2013." Hmmmm...)

Selfie, Selfie: Norman Rockwell Sketch

Selfie, selfie - Who's got the selfie?
A sketch of Norman Rockwell's Self-Portrait X3:

A Sketch We Sketched

An Interesting Sketch We Sketched: