Saturday, April 30, 2016

Where The Demons Hide - The Bengal Brothers Comics

Rif And Raf Are In A Certain Place Trying 
To Share What They Just Purchased.... 
What The Look Behind You, Dudes!

Pencil Sketchbook & Tiger Bailey Non-Selfie

Taking during the Looking At A Pencil Sketchbook video shoot 
What The Not Bad!

Palm Trees In A Potato Chip - Photo Art

Palm Trees In A Potato Chip
What The It's Not True, Is It?!

It's Not Easy Being Me - Tiger Bailey

What The Heckler! Heckler Gets Owned!

Potato Chip The Movie - Tiger Bailey

Looking At A Pencil Sketchbook

The Selfie In The Soda

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Boat Between Mountains Of Noir - Acrylic Painting

Boat Between Mountains Of Noir
What The Is It Safe?!
:----<  >

Latte Lovers 2 - Mixed Media

"We would like one large latte, with two straws, please!"
What The Living The Vida Latte!
What The Deja Vu!

Purple Rain Storm - Pencil

Sketching around with an idea
What The All Righty Then!

Gatorade Whey Protein Bar & Tiger Bailey - PhotoArt

Taken at the Gatorade Whey Protein Bar Review Video shoot:
What The Tasty Photo!

Latte Lovers News - Tiger Bailet

U Can't Touch This, Maybe - MC Tiger Bailey

Gatorade Whey Protein Bar Review ~ Tiger Bailey

Hot Sauce (Hot Stuff) Song ~ Tiger Bailey

Sweet Child Of Mine Cover - Tiger Bailey

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Chicken Soup Blues

Under The Weather Blues & Some News Part 2

Basketball: Going For 81 Points - Tiger Bailey

How To Cough 1 - Tiger Bailey

A Trippy Video - Tiger Bailey

Eye In The Sky? - PhotoArt

Eye Yi Yi
What The Watch Out!

Photography - Tiger Bailey

Cleaning Up Shaving Cream? - Grumpy Gramps

Black Mamba & 60 ~ Tiger Bailey

How Do I Put Shaving Cream Back In The Can? - Grumpy Gramps

How Do I Put Shaving Cream Back In The Can? - Grumpy Gramps

Chicken Bologna In A Can? - Tiger Bailey

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Noir Guy With The Red Eye - Mixed Media

If you look real hard, maybe just maybe, 
it looks like he's doing the same:
What The Are There Any Eye Drops In The House?!

Fish Under The Lake - Water Soluble Wax Pastels

If you look real hard, maybe just maybe, you can see them:
What The Something Seems Fishy!

Pastor Has Doubts About God 1 - What The Art! Comics

A Sketch Comic We Did A Day Or Two Ago:
What The Hardship!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Beware Of The Bear: A Tale From An Old Folks Home - Illustrated Short Story

Beware Of The Bear: 
A Tale From An Old Folks Home
   On a cloudy afternoon an Interesting man visits an old folks home.
   He asks the nurse, "is there a patient here that hasn't had a visitor for quite a while and if they wouldn't mind if he would visit with them for a spell?" 
   The nurse tells him that she thinks that she might know of someone that may like a visit. She then takes him to a room where a woman is in her bed and looking very sad.
The nurse says, "Rose this is ....uh......" The man then says, "Max! My name is Max!" The nurse goes on to say, "And he would like to know if you would like him to visit with you for a while? - Now if you don't want him to - that's perfectly fine!" 
   Rose looks at the nurse and then she looks at the man and says, "No, no, I would appreciate some company right now!" The nurse smiles and then says, "OK then! You two have a good visit."
  Max asks Rose, "Would it be fine for me to move the chair that is next to the wall a little closer to you?
   She hesitates for a while but then she nods in the affirmative.
   He notices the Bible on her nightstand and says, "So you like to read the Bible?"
   She statrts to tell him, "I used to like to read it, but then last night....." And then she doesn't finish her sentence.
   Max then says to her, "What happened last night...if you don't mind telling me...that is?"
   She looks at Max and then she looks at the Bible for several seconds and then she looks back at Max and begins to cry.
   He asks her, "Would she would like him to call the nurse?" 
   She responds, "No! They don't believe me anyway!  
   "They don't believe what?" He asks her while giving her some tissue.
   She wipes the tears from her eyes and starts to tell him, "There's this man....."
   "Yes," he says.
   "He works the nightshift and he came into my room....last night....and...and...."
To Be Continued...

Peanut Butter On Ginger Snap? - Tiger Bailey

Goodbye Everybody! Airplane Flying Into The Clouds

Cat On A Hot Grin Roof - The Movie

Wally Gator & Gomer Pyle - Tiger Bailey & Les Hart

3 Palm Trees On A Very Colorful Day - Photo Art

3 The Very Colorful Way
What The You're Not Just Whistling Dixie!

Cat On A Hot Grin Roof - PhotoArt

Cat On A Hot Grin Roof
What The Whatever That Means!
* * *
What The You Tell Meow And We'll Both Know!

Hello Hamburger Goodbye Snails - Tiger Bailey

Saturday, April 9, 2016

What Is All This Bull.....- Baddy Badmouth BadCat

Tortilla Birds In The Rain - PhotoArt

Some Tortilla Birds Eating....Tortillas...In The Rain:
What The They Sure Are!

Rocky Palboa & Buckkiss - PhotoArt

Selfie Plus One?
What The Snap Shot Happens!

Flowers Of Red - PhotoArt

We Didn't Call This One "Untitled" Because We Think 
That Title Might Already Be Taken:
What The Horticulture!

The Blues With Rocky Palboa - PhotoArt

Yes The One On YouTube!
What The That's The Blues!

Chipotle Pineapple Soda & Clubber Bang - Rocky Palboa

Bean, Rice & Cheese Burrito Review: Part 1

Beware And Take Care - Rocky Palboa

Harry Potter & The Weather?

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Squirrel And The Nuts - Wild Life Comics

When A Man Continues To Tease A Squirrel Things Go Wrong
What The It Just Got Nutty!
What The Nuts To You!

Whopper Jr Meets Angriest Whopper - Oil Pastel Comics

Whopper Jr meets up with Angriest Whopper
What The When Burgers Battle?!
* * * 
Whopper Jr said something about Angriest Whopper
in the video Whopper Jr Vs Angriest Whopper.
See it here at What The Art!

Angry Peanut Butter Sandwich Review

A Pen In The Hand

A Pen In The Hand, 
 Is Worth More Than Two Under The Sand!
What The Write On!

Whopper Jr Vs Angriest Whopper ~ Tiger Bailey

Bruce Lee Books Coming Soon - Tiger Bailey

Whopper Jr's Thoughts About Angriest Whopper

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Secret Word And YouTube - Tiger Bailey Comics

Say The Secret Word......
What The Videos!
* * *
What The Tiger Bailey Comics #1?

Drinking Or Drawing? - The TigerCat Kid Comics

Hard Times: Drinking Or Drawing?
What The After He Was Done He Drank Some Juice!
Bibliography: Drawing and Cartooning 1,001 Caricatures
Dick Gautier

Why Did The Cat Cross The Road? - Tiger Bailey

Bruce Lee Fights Flip The Pages Book - Tiger Bailey

Enter The Dragon, Williams, Han & A Comic Book - Tiger Bailey

Midnight Moonshine Burger - Tiger Bailey

Suffering, Don't You Be No Shadow - Poem Photo

Suffering, Don't You Be No Shadow,
You're Like An Arrow From A Bow,
When You Strike The Pain Begins To Grow,
Experience This Lets Us Know,
All That You're Good For Is Sadness And Woe!
Suffering, Don't You Be No Shadow!
What The Hardship!

Colorful Food - PhotoArt

Colorful Food
What The You Are What You Eat!