Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Bubble Gum Cat - Mixed Media

Bubble Gum Cat
What The Chew Chat Chew!
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Crashing Waves On The Mountains - Mixed Media

Crashing Waves On The Mountains
What The Simply Smashing!

Car Caught In Traffic - Mixed Media

Car Caught In Traffic
What The It Must Be Jam Cause Jelly Don't Move Like That!
:----(  )

Tree In The Corner: Pen - VanCasso The Artist Comics

Tree In The Corner
What The And Everywhere Else!

Lady By The Lake - Tempera Painting

Lady By The Lake
What The Aspiring Art!

Batman News: Affleck, Clooney, Keaton & Bale

Star Craft In The Night Sky? - Photo Art

"Earthlings, Take Us To Your Liter!
Of Soda Pop, That Is!"
What The Soft Drink In Space?!

Beyonce's Next Music Video With Britney Spears

New Avengers Movie: Baron Zemo & Pokemon Go - Spoiler Alert

Monday, August 29, 2016

Traffic Jam On Abstract Highway 101 - Watercolor

Traffic Jam On Abstract Highway 101 
What The Just Keep It Cool!
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Four Ladies In It's A Colorful Life - Color Pens

It's A Colorful Life
What The Color Is As Color Does!

Abstract City Streets - Glitter Color Pens

Experimenting And So On....
What The Oh Well!
:  ---- O

Cowboy By The Stream Of Dreams - Colored Pencil

Cowboy By The Stream Of Dreams
What The I'm Going Wishing! 

No, I'm Not Steve Reeves - Colored Pencil Sketch

No, I'm Not Steve Reeves!
But If Anyone Wants To Pay Me To Do
A Hercules Movie, Right On!
What The Pose Down!

Got Milk? - Man On The Street Comics

Let The Question Ring Out...
What The Milking It!

2 Rock & Roll Guys - Markerpiece

Something From 2013 Or 2014...
What The Rock On People!
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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Woman Photographed Near Painting - Mixed Media

Woman Photographed Near Painting
What The Can You Please Delete That?!

Long Pink Beach Painting - VanCasso The Artist Comics

"My Parents Didn't Name Me Creatavio For Nothing!"
What The We See, Indeed!

Welcome To The Abstract Jungle - Watercolor Pencils

Welcome To The Abstract Jungle
What The That's Kind Of Wild!
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Crayon & Oil Pastel: The Comparison

Crayon Vs Oil Pastel?
What The Which Is Which?

Tiger Cat Vs. Lizard ~ Photo Art

Come On Cat, What Are You Doing? ~ Lizard
I'm Toying With You! ~ Cat
What Am I? A Mouse? ~ Lizard
Of Course Not! Uhh... Would You Like Some Cheese? Heh Heh! ~ Cat
What The It Just Got Wild!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Silver Scream - Fan Art Comics

The Silver Scream
What The Call The Doctor, Cause It Just Got Strange!

Pink Fowl Within The Blue - Watercolor

Pink Fowl Within The Blue
What The Peck!

Pink Mist Over The Deep Blue Ocean - Watercolor

Pink Mist Over The Deep Blue Ocean
What The Think Pink... Or Blue?!

Woman In The Water - Watercolor

Woman In The Water!
What The Swim Like A Boss!

The Rhino & The Giraffe - Wild Animals Comics

One Day A Couple Of Wild Animals Are Shooting The Breeze...
What The Welcome To The Jungle!

Horse & Pony - Colored Pencil

Hey Pop, Lets Run To That Apple Tree And Eat An Apple! ~ Pony
No Son! Let's Walk Over To That Apple Tree And Eat Them All! ~ Horse
What The Horse Sense!

Lion: King Of Beasts - Pencil

"I'm The King Of Beasts!
I'm Not Lion, Even Though I Am!"
What The Head Scratcher! 

And If The Devil Doesn't Like It He Can Sit On A....

Colored Pencil Problem: It's An Artist Thing?

My Beef With Healthy Choice Classic Meat Loaf

Wal-Mart Turkey & Colby Jack Sub Review

Thursday, August 25, 2016

No Internet Connection, Reaction

Owl On A Building - The Movie

Owl On A Building - The Movie
Rated GAH For Give A Hoot!
What The If You Like Owls Hoot Once And If Not Hoot Twice!
:----- {}

Parking Lot ~ The Movie

Parking Lot ~ The Movie
Park At Your Own Risk!
Rated LYD For Lock Your Doors!
What The Everybody Park Like A Boss!
:----(  )>

No Paint, No Gain! Bestselling Book?

If I Could Create A Best Selling Book
I Would Title It: No Paint, No Gain!
What The Whatever That Means!
:---- ]>

Dabs Of Paint 1 - Watercolor

Dabs Of Paint 1
What The A Little Dab Will Do Ya!
What The A Lot Of Dabs Will Do Ya!

Paint Brush Painting It Black - Mixed Media

Paint Brush Painting It Black
What The No Paint, No Gain!

The Quite Polite Prank - The TigerCat Kid Comics

One Fine Afternoon The TigerCat Kid Goes To The Market And...
What The Sometimes The Best Customer Service Is....You!

That's Just Eerie! - The Bengal Brothers Comics

One Day Rif And Raf Behold A Most Curious Sight...
What The Ear Ye! Ear Ye!

Alone In The Dark Art Museum 2 - Cartoonzo The Clown Comics

When We Last Saw Cartoonzo He Was Locked In The Dark Art Museum...
What The And He's Still In There!

Heck Hath No Furry - Like A Woman Sketched! - Ha Ha! Comics

One Day Something Happens...
What The Sketch Happens!
* * *
Kitty Curious & Bark Barky The Dog!

Vampires & Other Scary Faces - Sketching For Ideas

Sketching Around For More Dark Art Museum Ideas!
Poor, Poor, Cartoonzo The Clown...
What The You Tell Us And We'll Both Know!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

1967 Painting Predicts Pacman & Ms. Pacman? - Patrick Heron

Did Patrick Heron's 1967 Oil Painting, Manganese In Deep Violet
Predict The Coming Of Pacman (1980) & Ms. Pacman (1981)?
His Painting Looks Very Much Like This One Here!
Look At The Yellow Image And How Much That It Looks Like Pacman!
Simply Uncanny And Then Some!
Now Shift Your Attention To The Black Image - 
Is This A Prediction Of Ms. Pacman Waiting In The Shadows
To Join Pacman In The Video Game Universe One Year Later?
And Then There's The Oil Connection!
Mr. Heron's Painting Is An Oil Painting!
Our Copy Is Done With Oil Pastel!
And Then There's The Baby Oil!
Baby Oil You Say? Yes! Baby Oil We Say!
When The Player Gets Past One Of The Screens On Ms. Pacman
A Stork Drops Off Baby Pacman For The Couple!
And As We All Know - Babies Are Known To Use.....
Wait For It......Baby Oil!
We Think That This Is Enough Of A Case For Many Of You 
To At The Least Say Out Loud, "Pacman Prediction? Yes,
No, Maybe So!" The Next Time You Have To Wait In Line
At The Store, Restaurant Or What Have You!
* * *
What The Sometimes Fiction Is Stranger Than Truth!
What The Game Over!
:----<   >

Snob Party & Joan Miro Art - Hoity Toity Comics

Inspiration: Snob Evening At The Princess's By Joan Miro
What The Hoity Toity!

Lion By The Lake, Morris Hirshfield - Colored Pencil

We Did This While Looking At The Lion By Morris Hirshfield:
What The Felis Leo!

Dread-Eye Cometh - Dread-Eye Comics

Comic Arting Around...
What The Is Hero Or Villain?

Monday, August 22, 2016

One Orange Tree In The Path Of The Storm - Watercolor

One Orange Tree In The Path Of The Storm 
What The Weather!
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Multi Color Flower - Pastel

Multi Color Flower
What The Horticulture!

Cartoonzo Alone In The Dark Art Museum? - Man On The Street Comics

Asking People For Their Thoughts...
What The Supportive!

Fritzi The Cat, Paul Klee - Pencil Sketch

While Looking At Fritzi By Paul Klee....
What The We Think His Name Is Scratches!
* * *
Hey Cat, is Your Name Scratches? ~ Ye Editor
How Bad Do You Want To Know? ~ Scrathches The Cat
Ummmm Not That Bad! Heh Heh! ~ Ye Editor

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Runaway Train, Soul Asylum: Cover

Camera In The Sky - Mixed Media

Camera In The Sky
What The No Pictures, Please!
8----<  >

Deep In Thought By The Deep Blue Sea - Mixed Media

Deep In Thought By The Deep Blue Sea
What The How Deep Is The Sea, How Deep Are The Thoughts?!

Asteroid Eater - Mind Blowing Science Fiction Comics

They Didn't Call Him The Asteroid Eater For Nothing....
What The Now That's Something!

16 Purple Rain Drops - Colored Pencil

16 Purple Rain Drops
What The 2 X 8 And/Or 8 X 2!

Harry Potter & The Crescent Moon - Pencil Sketch

Some How We Procured This Sketch Used 
In Tiger Bailey's Video, Harry Potter Question & Sketch...
What The OK How Did You Do It?!

Leaves Between The Trees: The Movie - Photo Art

Leaves Between The Trees: The Movie
What The Rated OCO For Oh Come On!