Thursday, July 2, 2015

8 New Videos On YouTube - PhotoArt

8 New Videos on YouTube
"Hey guys and gals lets all go and check out the 8 new videos"

8 Videos Uploaded To YouTube
We've uploaded 8 videos to YouTube:

The Plane The Plane - What The Art!-Plane?

Mr. Pooch The First Video

Mr, Pooch: Back For Seconds

Mr. Pooch Book Review

Mr. Pooch in Lookie A Cookie

How to Draw Mr. Pooch

Mr. Pooch: The Puppy Joke

Mr. Pooch: M. C. Preach-Sure C. D.

Hopefully you'll find something to your liking.
Hopefully we'll get better at making videos.
Hopefully we'll get over our sore throat ASAP.

Spoiler Alert: We just might do some more videos featuring the righteous tunes of M.C. PreachSure.
"Preach it 'til you reach it." Indeed!

BTW: It takes about an hour to upload a 2 minute video - is this the usual or is there a quicker way to do it?

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Drawing Sad With A Pencil - 2 whole pages

Many of these were inspired by images on the Internet:
That goes double for page 2:

What The If This Were A Book, It Would Be A Two Page One!
* * * * * * *
Then you could read and re-read it over and over and over....... - Ye Editor

One Fowl Crowd - Whatever/What The Art!

"What The Art! Everybody"
Hey!!! That's us they're talking about! Like-a-Wow!
What The Whatever The Art!
* * * * *
TM/WTA! Photography

Peacock On A Wall - Photoart

Peacock On A Wall?
Where do they get these titles?
What The You Tell Us And We'll All Know!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Help Me My God, Where Are You? - Part 1

Help Me My God, Where Are You?
As he had done so many times before he was keeping his Mother company at the hospital that she had been at for so many days and nights.
And as his Mother had done for so many days and nights, she was crying and praying in her bed.
He had heard it so many times before, "help me my God, where are you?"
She had also prayed, "help me, help me my God, please, please, make me well." 
But this night would be different. As he would learn in a few hours.
Visiting hours were now over. So he had to tell his Mother that he had to go but that he would be back to see her in the morning.
She always got sad when he had to leave. She would pray that God would take care of him and keep him safe.
As he was leaving he thought about her prayer, "help me my God, where are you?"
While he was driving home he kept thinking about his Mother and her prayer, "help me my God, where are you?"
As he arrived home he parked the car and shut off the engine. He then said, "help me my God, where are you?"
After he had said this he heard a voice say to him, "if I offered you the ability to heal one person - but not your Mother - would you accept it?"
To Be Continued....