Saturday, June 25, 2016

Ugly Dog Contest!

You Ought To Be In Pictures - Hands Prank Comics

Man: You Ought To Be In Pictures.
Woman: Why Thank You.
Man: What? Oh I Was Talking About My Hands.
Aren't They The Best Looking Hands That You
Have Ever Seen? 
Woman: Well...I...Uh.....
Man: Maybe They Should Be In A Watch Commercial
Or Something. You Know So That They Could Take
A Close Up Of Them For The People To See And 
Admire Them....
Woman: Wow! Are You Serious?
Man: Well They Are A Pair Of Seriously Good
Looking Hands And All...You Know What I Mean?
Woman: So You're Not Playing Around?
Man: With Hands Like These...Who Needs To Play
Around? I'm Going To Do You A Favor.
Woman: What Kind Of Favor?
Man: I'm Going To Let You Take A Picture Of My
Hands And You Have My Permission To Post It On
You Webpage Or Whatever...To Share With Your
Friends And All....
Woman: Oh My God!
Man: Yup! God Sure Blessed Me With Some 
Righteous Hands. So Do You Want A Picture Of
Just Them Or Would You Like A Selfie With Them?
Woman: I'm Going To Go Now....
Man: I'm Sorry I Embarrassed You. People Always
Feel Bad About Their Hands When They See Mine.
You Have...Uh....OK...Looking Hands...I Guess....
Woman: Good Bye!
Man: So Are You Going To Take That Picture Of Them?
Woman: Of Course Not!
Man: I Could Give You My Website It Has Lots Of 
Photos Of My Hands. Very Handy!
Woman: Like I Already Said, Good Bye!
To Be Continued.....?

Two Wild (Big Cats) - VanCasso The Artist Comics

"Two Wild"
Special Guest Stars: The Bengal Brothers
What The Big Cats!

Lady Red Watercolor

Lady Red Watercolor
What The H2O Color!

Here's The Pitch! - Baseball Sepia Sketch

"Here's The Pitch!"
What The One Screwball Coming Up!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Pen Vs The Swords - Mighty Penman Comics

                                                 The Pen Vs The Swords

What The Mighty Is As Mighty Does