Monday, November 23, 2015

Sunday, November 22, 2015

A Collage Of Critters - PhotoArt

This is our second attempt at thee...Collage:
What The Photo Art!

What The Collage! - 5 Aspiring Art Pieces

This is our first try at thee - how you say? - Collage:
What The Hmmmm....!
* * * * *
All of these have appeared as single posts in the past few Months.
We guess you'll just have to search for them. ~ Ye Editor

Saturday, November 21, 2015

The End Is Near? - Yes! No! Maybe So! Comics

One evening 3 "prophets" meet up and... 
What The People Have Been Saying That The End Is Near
Since People Have Been Saying That The End Is Near!
* * * * *
If the end should come before we have a chance to post
something else on The What The Art! Blog - I guess
that means that we will not be able to post anything else?
Or does it? MuuhhhhhhHaaaaHaaaaaHaaaaa......uh....Yeh....~ Ye Editor

Lady Noirella In Watercolor World - Mixed Media

On a most unusual and colorful day Lady Noirella
finds herself in a World of Watercolor:
What The What Will Lady Noirella Do Now?!
* * * * *
The answer may or may not leave you with many
a restless and sleepless night.
We will meditate on if we should reveal the answer! ~ Ye Editor

Man Of Noir In The Midst Of Watercolor

One day a Man Of Noir found himself in The Midst Of Watercolor
And he thought to himself, "This is a most colorful situation."
* * * * *
What The How Did He Know That It Was Called Color?!
* * *
The answer might keep you up with many a sleepless night.
We will have to not sleep on it as to whether we should
reveal said answer or no! ~ Ye Editor

Mountains Of Noir - Watercolor

There were once some mountains of noir
and all that dared to journey into them were surprisingly....
What The What? What?!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Laughter Is Good Medicine! - Laughing Out Crowd Comics

Laughter Is Good Medicine!
What The Laughter Is The Jest Medicine! 
* * * * *
Is that Mirth Vader in there? Oh for laughing out crowd! ~ Ye Editor
* * * * *
What The Jest-I-Knight!

Four Fun Females - Color Pen Sketches

Four Fun Females?
What The Well It Looks Like They're Having Fun!

Pencil Profiles - Pencil

Here we have 4 Pencil Profiles done with a....pencil:
What The Are You Sure About That?!