Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Game Of Throwns: The Competition 1

Planters Chili Lime Peanuts Review

Kirchner, Bonnard, Frasconi & Munch Pen Sketches

A Pen In The Hand Is Worth For In The Sand!
What The Is That Right?!

Disney's Frozen, Let It Go Cover

Boat On The Water & Van Gogh Quote

Inspired by a Vincent Van Gogh drawing
What The Quote!
* * * * *
"To improve at anything, especially drawing,
I think it's best to go on and on at it and never ease off."
Vincent van Gogh

Game Of Thrones Pencil Sketch 3

Game Of Thrones Pencil Sketch 3
What The Third In A Series!
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Frozen Pencil Sketch 1

Frozen Pencil Sketch 1 
What The Let It Go!

Game Of Thrones: Buy Or Die?

The Banana