Saturday, December 13, 2014

Bad Fast Fowl Dodging Raindrops

Amazing and then some!
That Bad Fast Fowl is actually dodging each and every raindrop!
What The Believe Us When We Say
That This Is Most Certainly Not Trick Photography!

After The Storm The Seagull Soars

Soar Seagull Soar
Soar Before It Starts To Pour Even More
Soar Seagull Soar
Soar Until Your Wings Are Sore
Soar Seagull Soar!
What The Soar/Sore In More Ways Than One! 

The Best Way To Get Sleep?

Dear To Whom It May Concern,
What is the best way to get sleep?
Gone With The Yawn
Dear Gone With The Yawn,
The best way to get sleep is..... with your eyes closed!
We hope this helps and then some!
Good night for now everybody!
In Our Humble Opinion

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Why Do People Like Comic Books? - What The Art! Comics

Mr. VanCasso putting forth a most interesting query, no?
What The My Wordical!

Blog Billboard, Birds & Rumor Alert?

Here's a photograph that we took of a What The Art! Billboard:
What The Would You Believe It's A Colored Pencil & Wax Pastel Creation?!
* * * * * *
Rumor Alert: Those birds don't get angry, they get even! (?)

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Snowman & The Rabbit - The Bengal Brothers Comics

One evening while Rif and Raf are watching a holiday TV program:
What The What Kind Of Holiday Program Is That?!
What The Eye Of The Rabbit!

"Crayon Paintings" - VanCasso The Artist Comics

The two "paintings" were done with crayons:
What The No, Really, They Were!
What The Colored Wax!