Friday, March 24, 2017

Lady With Diamond Earrings - Mixed Media

What The Real Diamonds?!

Inspiration: Pablo Picasso

Pen & Pencil Digest, Number 2, March 2017

What The Subscriptions: Cold Hard Cash!
:------[  [

Cartooning Faces & The Total Cartoonist By Ken Muse

We Were Reading Our Copy Of
The Total Cartoonist By Ken Muse & Prentice Hall
And He Suggests That When You Draw
The Face That You Can Draw Pages And Pages 
Of Funny Faces! Hmmmmmmmmm....
One Down - Pages And Pages To Go!
What The Is That A Threat Or A Promise?!
:--------)  (

Cartooning Around: 2013 Or 2014

What The Oh My Guess!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

American Gothic Roasted Marshmallow - Mixed Media

1 Are You Going To Eat That All By Yourself?
2 Yee-up! Sure Am!
1 Sigh!
2 Haaaaaaa
What The Got Marshmallow?!

Inspiration: American Gothic By Grant Wood