Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Pastor Tad Takes The Day Off - Tiger Bailey

Pranking The Devil Responses 2 - Response Comics

We asked several people for their thoughts on
Rif and Raf Pranking The Devil:
What The Comments! 
* * 
#3 Coming Soon? ~ Ye Editor

Pranking The Devil Responses 1 - Response Comics

We asked several people for their thoughts on
Rif and Raf Pranking The Devil:
What The Comments!

Pencil Sketches 2013 Or 2014 - Sketch Pad

I just happened to look at a sketch pad and came across this
What The Good Old Days!

Image Of Color

Image Of Color
What The Hue!

Double The Pastor Tad Silly? - PhotoArt

"Brothers and Sisters, love-gifts are nice, but double love-gifts
are twice as nice! Amen? Amen! ~ Pastor Tad Silly
What The Show Me The Love-Gift!

When Life Gets Tough & The Bear - PhotoArt

When Life Gets Tough...... 
Sometimes All That You Can Do Is Try To Grin And Bear It!
* * *
What The Ain't It The Truth!

No Stopping & The Horse - PhotoArt

"No Stopping? Talk To The Tail!" ~ Mr. Gelding The Horse
What The No Horsing Around!

What Did The Birds Say To The Bread? - PhotoArt

What Did The Birds Say To The Bread?
Don't Make Us Angry! You Wouldn't Like Us When We're Angry!
* * * *
What The Fowl!

Art In America, Animation Magazine & Jack Kirby - Tad Silly

Don't Make Dino Sore

Under The Ocean? - Pastor Tad Silly

Read Any Big Books Lately - Pastor Tad Silly

Don't Make Dino Sore - Pastor Tad Silly

A School Of Fish At The Library - Pastor Tad Silly

The Porpoise Of Life? - Pastor Tad Silly

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Pranking The Devil Sermon & 7666 - Tad Silly

Pranking The Devil - The Bengal Brothers Comics

Some How, Some Way, Rif And Raf Get The Devil
To Close His Eyes And Take Part In Their
Guess The Cake Challenge..... 
What The Get The.......Heck Out Of There!
What The Run Like..........Heck!!!!!!

Color Penning For Aspiring Art Ideas - Color Pen/4 Panels

Here we have some color pen ideas done with a .......color pen
What The Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh K!

Man & Ducks/Man & Inner Tube - Pencil Sketch

Here we have a couple of pencil sketches done with a ....pencil
What The Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhh K!

Pranking The Devil - Pastor Tad Silly

What Came First The Chicken Or The Egg? - Pastor Tad Silly

Which Came First, The Chicken Or The Egg? - Tad Silly

Can You Lay An Egg? - Pastor Tad Silly

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

That Axe Hole! - What The Art! Comics

He knew that he was going to get caught, so....
What The Hatchet!

On The Outside Looking In - VanCasso The Artist Comics

One day Mr. VanCasso is just getting home from the art store and....
What The Living Paint Gone Wrong!

Diary Of A Heavy Metal Cartoonist - Head Banging Comics

An Excerpt from a
 Diary Of A Heavy Metal Cartoonist:
What The Head Banging!

Caught On Camera - Tad Silly & Masktisse The Artist

Shhhhhh!!! - Pastor Tad Silly

Whatever! ~ Pastor Tad Silly

My Head's Under Water - Tad Silly

Mountain Dew Voltage Review - Blazor, Les & ?

The Easter Bunny Ate My Carrot - Pastor Tad Silly

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Please! Let This Be A Nightmare! - The TigerCat Kid Comics

The TigerCat Kid finds himself in a Nightmarish situation:
What The Have Mercy!

Watching Pastor Tad Silly Videos - 4 Panel Comics

Cartooning around with our black ink pen:
What The Comical!

Sunset By The Ocean - Colored Pencil

We did this one while not watching Kung Fu:
What The Pencils Of Color!

Kung Fu Sketch - Sepia

Yet another sketch while we were watching Kung Fu
What The Flute!

Kung Fu Cowboy Sketch - Sepia

While we were watching Kung Fu we did this
What The Half Brother!

Pastor Attacks Cameraman!

Dragon Attack Video Reaction - Pastor Tad Silly

Blue Moon - Minstrel Tad Silly

Granny & Jackass Meat - Pastor Tad Silly

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Every Time A Bell Rings - Pastor Tad Silly

Cell Phone Song - Singer Tad Silly

Hello & Deposit Another 10 Cents, Please - Pastor Tad Silly

Love Gift Song - Singer Tad Silly

Raining, Pouring & Love Gifts - Preacher Tad Silly

Raining Cats And Dogs with Lightning & Thunder - Pastor Tad Silly

Watching Pastor Tad Silly Videos - What The Art! Comics

VanCasso, The TigerCat Kid & The Bengal Brothers 
are having lunch when the conversation turns to
Pastor Tad Silly videos on YouTube:
What The Belly Laugh!

Pastor Tad Silly: Yuh Yuh Yuh! - Sketch Comics

Everyone is talking about Pastor Tad Silly? 
What The World Encyclopedia Of Comics!

Pastor Tad Silly Vs. The Chili Dog