Monday, April 24, 2017

Sun & Moon: Eye To Eye - Mixed Media

What The Eye Yuh Yiii! 

A Day Like No Other - Noir Star Squad Space Adventures Comics

It Was A Day Like No Other! We Were Heading Back Home From The Planet Rudimor! We Were All Quite Exhausted From The Adventure That We Had Just Experienced! We Were All Just So Exhausted That We Set Our Craft On Auto-Pilot! Aren't Smart Crafts The Living End? But Getting Back To Our Story, As We Said, We Were All Quite Exhausted And We Were All Very Anxious To Get Home!
   Two Of The Men Fell Asleep Almost As Soon As They Sat Down In Their Seats! That Left My Co-Pilot And Myself To Get Us Home! We Did Petty Good For About An Hour Or So, But The Exhaustion Was Just Too Much! Plus The Sight Of Our Two Buddies Looking So Comfy And Cozy - Sleeping Without A Care In The World - Didn't Help Us Want To Stay Awake For Another Moment! We Both Decided To Get Some Shuteye As Well! We Set Our Craft On Auto Pilot And We Set The Alarm To Awaken Us In Forty Five Minutes! Little Did We Know That We Would Soon Be Confronted By An Uninvited Guest!  

What The To Be Continued!
:-----(   )

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Hole In The Wall - Mixed Media

What The Peek A View!

Beauty And The Peach - Watercolor

What The Kinda Sounds Familiar?!

How To Run Away From Your Problems? - No Problem? Comics

Introducing: The Problemites
* * * * * * 
If Someone Were To Invent Running Shoes That
Would Allow The Person Wearing Them To Run
Away From Their Problems And Reach 
The Finish Line Of A Care Free Life
They Would Make A Fortune!
If They Would Invent Some Walking Shoes
That Would Allow The Person To Walk
Away From Their Problems
They Would Make A Fortune And Then Some!
What The No Problemo!

How To Draw A Problemite Cartoon Character