Friday, July 28, 2017

Treasure Island, Chapter 1 - Book Review

By Robert Louis Stevenson - Adapted By Deidre S. Laiken

Chapter 1
   Jim Hawkins Is Writing The Story Of What Happened To Him When He Was Just A Boy At The Request Of His Friends, Squire Tralawney And Dr. Livesey.
   He Writes That It All Started When A Heavy Man Burst In The Door Of The Admiral Benbow Inn Which His Father Ran.
   He Mentions That The Man Looked Around And Whistled To Himself. Then He Started To Sing The Old Sea Song, "Fifteen Men On A Dead Man's Chest, Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Rum!"
   After He Finished The Song He Requested A Bottle Of Rum And Told Them That They Should Call Him Captain. He Then Threw Some Gold Coins On The Table And His Father Took The Captain To His Room.
   He Goes On To Mention That The Captain Stayed With Them For A Long Time. By Day The Captain Would Hang Around The Cove Or Sit On The Cliffs With His Telescope. During The Evening He Drank Rum And Water By The Fire.
   One Day The Captain Promised Jim A Silver Coin On The First Day Of Each Month If He Would Keep A Look Out For A One Legged Man And To Inform Him When He Had Arrived.
   The Image Of The One Legged Man Frightened Jim. His Dreams Were Haunted By Him And He Caused Him Many Sleepless Nights.
   During The Months That The Captain Was With Them Dr. Livesey Visited Them Many Times. Jim's Father Was Very Sick. The Doctor Did Not Like The Captain. One Time They Even Got Into An Argument And The Captain Pulled A Knife On The Doctor. The Doctor Told Him That If He Didn't Put The Knife Away That He Would See Him Hang. They Stared At Each Other And Then The Captain Put His Knife Away.

What The To Be Continued!
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