Thursday, March 2, 2017

No Good Food & Deadpool - Writings And Pictures By Ye Editor #2

Writings And Pictures
Ye Editor

   Have You Ever Went To A Place And The Food Just Ain't No Good? And When You Let The People Know About, All They Do Is Ignore You And Say That There Food Is Good - Even Though They Haven't Tasted The Food In Question?

   It's Been Said That A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words! But Has It Ever Been Said That A Thousand Words Are Worth A Picture?
   Look Out! Here Come A Thousand Words Right About......Now!!!

   What Do You Think Would Happen If Deadpool Went To A Restaurant And Ordered Some Chimchangas And They Were None Too Good?
   Perhaps He Would Ask To See The Chimichanga Chef - But Then What? What? Indeed!
   Well That's All For This Edition Of "Writings And Pictures By Ye Editor!"
Have A Good One And Then Some!
  Ye Editor
   3 - 2 -17  

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